Kalter Krieg (Alternate history).

1940. Reich occupied Britain.

1944. The liberation of France and England.

1945. The Soviet Army took Berlin. East Prussia goes to USSR.

1961. U.S. annexes Canada.

1968. Martin Luther King is alive.

1979-1988. The Soviet War in Afghanistan.

1980. U.S. President Martin Luther King was elected.

1982. To power in the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev arrives. Beginning of glasnost and perestroika.

1988. The collapse of the Soviet Union.

1990. Signing of new Warsaw Pact between Russia and other CIS countries, Federal Republic of Germany (former GDR), Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, South Korea and Poland.

1993. Russian constitutional crisis.

1994. Start the First Chechen War.

1997. The resignation of Yeltsin.

March 2000. Russian President Putin was elected.

November 2000. U.S. President Al Gore was elected.

October 2004. The failure of the Orange Revolution.

November 2004. U.S. President David Petraeus was elected.

March 2008. Russian President Medvedev was elected.

August 2008. The War in South Ossetia.

November 2008. U.S. President Barack Obama was elected.

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