The Scandinavian Empire is a political entity between the 3 Countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Originally starting as a personal union under denmark. The PU ended after the death of Margaret I and the Crowning of 3 respective kings. After the Treaty of Malmö, this was changed into an union similar to the HRE.



After the death of Eric of Pomerania a new head of The KU will be elected. All members please vote the deadline for this is 1435 and then majority rules

  • Jonathan Gyldenløve votes for himself
  • Emma of Denmark votes for Jonathan Gyldenløve
  • Kristjen Vasa votes for Jonathan Gyldenløve.

Jonathan Gyldenløve is crowned the King of the KU


After the death of Johnathan Gyldenløve and the end of the War of the Goats (The Marriage War) with the signing of the Second Treaty of Malmö, a new Emperor of the Kalmar Union will be elected.

  • Emma of Denmark votes for Olaf Vasa of Sweden
  • Olaf Vasa of Sweden votes for himself.
  • Mikkael Gyldenløve votes for Olaf Vasa 

Olaf II Vasa is crowned the King of the KU

Olafinian Reforms

In the year of 1444, Olaf II of Sweden proposed a set of reforms called the 'Olafinian Reforms'. The reforms would change the Kalmar Union into the Scandinavian Empire, along with many other changes. Olaf II Vasa asks his brother-in-law and sister-in-law to sign the reforms.


  • By the grace of God, King Olaf IV Vasa of Sweden, Emperor of Scandinavia, Protector of Gotland, Lion of Midnight - Thewolvesden
  • By the grace of God, King Mikkael, First of His Name, High King of Norway, Protector of the Hebrides Faroes Iceland Shetland Orkney,