Kalmar Union
Timeline: Columbus: First Contact? (Map Game)
Flag of the Kalmar Union Armoiries medievales d Eric de Poméranie 1382-1459
Flag Seal
Location of the Kalmar Union in the Civil War. Red is Monarchist, blue is Republican.
Capital Copenhagen
Largest city Stockholm
Other cities Uppsala, Trondheim, Nidaros, Helsinki, Rejyavik, Oulu
Danish, Swedish, Norwegian
  others Finnish, Russian, Old Norse
Government Absolute Monarchy or Federal Republic
Independence 1397
Currency Danish Krone
Organizations League of Europe


The union was formed in 1397 when representatives from Denmark, Sweden and Norway met in the castle Kalmar on the southeast coast of Sweden. It was decided that the three realms would be forever united under one king. When the three respective kings died, instead of their successors a new single king would be put in place who held control over all three. General governance of the nations are still handled by three separate legislatures, who all answer to the King.

Member Nations

First Treaty of Kalmar - 1397

  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Norway

Second Treaty of Kalmar - 1500

  • Finland
  • Karelia
  • Iceland



The KU owns all of OTL Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland, with part of OTL Russia as per the recent treaty.


The KU owns Scotland, Ireland, and Greenland,


The nation is embroiled in a harsh civil war.

Expansion Interests

The KU has no expansion interests.

International Relations


Relations are excellent with Russia, with mutual shipbuilding, educations, and city construction projects underway.


The KU is a great ally of England, having just completed the conquest of Scotland, and now uniting against France.

Mayas & Iroquois

Both groups have been provided guns, metal armor, and inoculation supplies. KU relations with them are quite happy.


League of Venice

The KU was recently made a full member of the League of Venice, expanding the League's control to all of Central Europe.


Second Italian War

Entry: 1498 by accidental attack of French settlement Due to the French refusal to negotiate and bombardment of KU forts after the accidental attack on Quebec, the KU officially annexed Quebec and joined the Second Italian War on the side of the League of Venice.

Exit: 1505 by Treaty of Bruge


  • Kingdom of England
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Papal States
  • Kingdom of Spain
  • Republic of Venice
  • Republic of Florence
  • Duchy of Milan
  • Kingdom of Naples


  • France

Kalmar Civil War

Entry: 1504 by King John I's refusal to reinstate the legislature after hostilities had ended in the Italian War.



  • Kingdom of Denmark-Norway
  • Kingdom of England
  • Kingdom of Spain
  • Kingdom of Naples
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Papal States


  • Kalmar Republic
  • Republic of Vinland
  • Republic of Italy


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