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Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Kalamazoo, Michigan
Kalamazoo flag Seal of the Corporation of Kalamazoo
Flag Coat of Arms
Kalamazoo County Michigan Incorporated and Unincorporated areas Kalamazoo Highlighted
Location of Kalamazoo

Rise from the ashes. (English)

(and largest city)
Language English
Religion Reformed
Ethnic Groups
  others Black, Hispanic, Asian
Demonym Kalamazooan
Government Federal Republic
  legislature Council
President David Allen Cole
Independence January 29th, 1990
Currency Kalamazoo Clix
Time Zone Eastern


This covers the history of the Republic of Kalamazoo before, during, and after doomsday.


Before doomsday, Kalamazoo served as a small community in Western Michigan. In colonial times, it was colonized by the French, and later the British. Its population has a high amount of Dutch heritage. In 1980, an F3 tornado hit Kalamazoo, killing a few and injuring around 100. Rebuilding was not complete before doomsday.


During doomsday. Kalamazoo was not hit by missiles. However, radiation from Detroit and Chicago in particular hit the city.


After doomsday, the population of Kalamazoo turned to infighting, turning into vicious gangs and the area was controlled by mobs. However, a New Englander named Dana Trembley arrived shortly after, traveling for a long while to find a place to settle. He united the rival mobs and gangs, using his diplomatic skills, and created the republic. After two terms in office, he stepped down. During his reign, he focused mostly on social issues and the economy. The next president was his step-son, Kurtis Cole. Kurtis was a timid president, and kept out of public life, focusing on rebuilding the infrastructure and building up agriculture. After two terms, his brother was elected, David Cole. David focused more on social issues than the last two presidents, and unlike the last two presidents, he is more liberal, which resulted in a higher public opinion.


This is a brief summary of the economy of Kalamazoo.


Industries in and around Kalamazoo include farming, brewing, paper industry, and spice flavorings. Most of the people in Kalamazoo are farmers, due to their education, which is explained later on this page. Brewing has always been a staple industry in Kalamazoo, but until recently it had died due to doomsday. Only beer is brewed here now, and the age old recipes have been changed due to the lack or abundance of certain ingredients now. The flavoring industry has also died down, due to many of the plants that were used dying. Paper mills are a major manufacturing industry here because of the former paper mill industry that was here pre-doomsday. There were numerous paper mills around here pre-doomsday, and only recently have they become active again.


The currency of Kalamazoo is called the clix. There are three different kinds. There is a black, plastic one, and then two metal kinds, one silver and one golden. They are all one inch in diameter. The black one is worth one clix, the silver is worth five clix, and the golden one is worth ten clix. They also have three holes in the middle, for verification of authenticity.


Education is a major problem in Kalamazoo. Most of the schools and colleges around the are have been looted by passers-by and mostly by the multiple gangs and mobs that inhabited the area during the early days. Schools and such were used as bases of operations for the mobs. This means most of the people in Kalamazoo are home-schooled, and taught by their parents. There is only one actual school in Kalamazoo run by the government, called 'Kalamazoo Central'. It teaches anywhere from 100 to 150 kids at a time, and it is very expensive to attend. The students that go there often become brewers or factory workers. Those who are home-schooled mainly become farmers, due to their lack of knowledge of such things required to operate the other jobs found in Kalamazoo.

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