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This article is about the state. For the language, see Kaiws language. For the ethnic group, see Kaiws Nation.
State of Santiago
Timeline: Great White South
Kaiws Flag
Flag of Kaiws
Kaiws' (in purple) location within Santiago

Tsoonit aw Kuahik (Kaiws)
("Perseverance is Rewarded")

Anthem "Lo Mahauka"
Spanish, Kaiws
  others Norwegian, Finnish
Catholicism, Indigenous
  others Lutheranism
Ethnic groups
  others Hispanic, Scandinavian
Demonym Kaiws (indigenous)
Cauteño/a (state in general)
Government Sub-national parliamentary system
  legislature Tribal Council and non-native representatives
  Political Party Partido Verde
High Chief
Area 249 331 km²
Established 1919 (tribal government founded)
Admission 1973 (statehood)
Currency Santiago Peso
Time zone UTC -3
  summer DST not observed
Abbreviations KW; KWS

Kaiws (occasionally transliterated into Spanish as Caiús) is the least-populous, second-largest and last-incorporated of Santiago's five states. Unlike Santiago's other states, Kaiws was incorporated specifically to serve as a "homeland" for the Kaiws Nation, an Antarctic Indigenous nation who have traditionally lived in the state's area, and remain the local ethnic majority. Since its incorporation in 1973, Kaiws has been a stronghold for the Green Party of Santiago, due to its support for indigenous rights.


Unlike Santiago's other states, which have local governments based directly on the system of the national government; Kaiws continues to use a tribal-style administration. Enrolled members of the Kaiws Nation (comprising the majority of the state's population) vote in "Tribal Council elections", and the Tribal Council then forms the majority of the state's government. Residents who are not enrolled in the Kaiws Nation vote in "representative elections" instead, where they elect representatives (who are also not members of the Kaiws Nation) to form the remainder of the state's government.

Currently, the Kaiws state legislature is composed of 27 Council Members and three non-native Representatives.

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