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The German Empire WW-I - a victory for Germany what if?

After WW-I, the Germany Empire held Germany/France and most of Eastern Europe. The Kaiser. Kaiser Wilhelm II now had control of most of Europe.


The events changed when the USA never entered World War I, fearing a World War after the German U-boat was sunk by allied ships before it reached the American cruise ship. The USA never did enter the war. making it not a World War but the European War. When German troops captured Paris, it forced England to surrender, fearing a full on German attack on the island. Events like the Russian Revolution still took place.

For many years Germany and the rest of Europe stayed peaceful, rebuilding themselves. Thanks to Germany's huge industrial power Europe never did get into the great depression of 1930. Instead, the USA felt the full force weak and sick it had little power over the rest of the world for years.

Post-1978 === In 1978 Germany remains the biggest power along with the USA, UK and Japan.

Japan never went to war with the USA. World War II never happened.

The start of the real World War happened when a Spanish cargo ship taking army supplies to its islands in the Mediterranean was sunk by a German destroyer the SS Von Deathlock. At first the German Government and Kaiser Francis III gave an official apology for sinking the ship. At first, you can see things, look easy and no war possible but the Soviets (Russia) sent troops to capture Finland after a failed annexation attempt.

1992: Russia takes over the rest of Eastern Europe not under German control. Germany builds up arms to stop a Russian invasion of the German Empire. Ottoman Empire agrees to help out Germany if Russia attacks England.

1993: Germany attacks a Spanish island of the coast of Spain, with no reason given. Spain allies with England. Russia allies with Spain and England; the war is set.

1993: The war begins. Russia troops march into Ottoman and German lands supports by two British support armies. Spanish troops enter France to try and free the nation. England's navy attacks German dockyards but the Germans repels the British attack.

Eventually this led to a huge war in Europe, but just like First European War (or what we would call World War I) the Germans are winning. The US senate (USA is now back to strength) decides to support England and its allies to repel Germany.

1997: The war has cost over half the population of Europe. The German high command decides that firing its nuclear missiles at the Allies' capitals will make them surrender.

1998: German missiles launch after allies capture Orleans near Paris. Logically, the Allies fire back, leading to the end of the German Empire and the Western World. Berlin is now a ruined city, the same as all the capital cities.

1999: The Allies and the German allies meet to declare a end to the war, and to rebuild all territory which used to belong to Germany is given back to the Allies. Germany is disbanded into many smaller nations.

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