State of Kahokia
— State of United States
Timeline: Napoleon's World

OTL equivalent: southern Manitoba and parts of Minnesota and Ontario
Flag of Kahokia
Kahokia NA NW
Location of Kahokia in the United States
Capital Winnipeg
Largest city Winnipeg
Other cities Thunder Bay
Language English
Ethnic groups
White (non-Hispanic)
  others Hispanic, Black, Asian, Pacific Islander
Demonym Kahokian
Government Representative democracy
  legislature State Legislature
Population 1,745,070 
Admission 1883
Currency US Dollar
Time zone Central Standard
Abbreviations KA

Kahokia is a U.S. state located in the upper Midwest. As of 2010, it has a population of about 1.7 million people, almost all of whom live in either the greater Winnipeg area in the west, or Thunder Bay on Lake Superior in the east. The state is based largely around the Assiniboine and Red River systems, which along with Lake Winnipeg, Lake of the Prairies and Lake Winnipegensis form the primary geographic features of the state. The economy of Kahokia is almost exclusively agricultural, and the state is known for its cold winters and frequent flooding.

Named after the Cahokia Indians, the region of Kahokia was in fact inhabited by a variety of Sioux, Assiniboines and tribes that had absolutely nothing to do with the Cahokians. The land was claimed by the United States following the Canadian War and an eastern border was drawn with France in 1834. The territory, especially the area around the burgeoning frontier city of Winnipeg, was at the heart of the territorial dispute that eventually led to the Alaskan War. The area experienced a strong period of growth in the late 19th and early 20th century until the opening of the Panama Canal in 1904. Kahokia today remains an important state due to its proximity to the border between Canada and Alaska and its numerous railyard routes.

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