By 500 AD a the Buddhist state of Kedautan Palembang was born they have advance technology such as cattelpults, bombs, chemical weapons, grenades, crossbows and even gliding bombs. In just 25 years they have ruled the entire Malay Archipelago (which they named Nunsantara) and the Malay peninsula (which they name Melacca. By 600 AD Melacca became their new capital and they have annexed the rest of south east asia they maintain good ties with China, Jpan and India. They have explored South Asia (which they name Hindia), East Asia (China) Europe (Roma), Australasia (Gulatan), Siberia (Gujuk), Middle East (Setimic) and Africa (Benas). For the next 400 years the nation simply stop expanding and focusing more on its economy.

1000 AD

Mongolian Attack (1200)

By the year 1293, Genghis Khan invaded the Kedautan. They invaded from occupied China. Their allies the Arabs were also attack. The empire had converted to Islam by 1123 AD. The mongols have captured the Fertile Crescent and Medina. After seeing one of the holy cities being captured the Malays counterattack the Yuan province while the Arabs have captured Medina. With the help of Chinese resistance within two years the Arabs and Malays had liberated China and a new dynasty was found which is known as the Yuan-Ming dynasty. After seeing the fall of Karokrum. The Mongols tried to re-take Mongolia. In a last ditch effort to end the war the Chinese, Indians, Arabs and Malays attack New Karoklum, central Asia. The war was victorious and the Mongolian empire collapse. A new state was form it was known as Khazatstania and Siberia is once again populated with countless nomadic and barbaric tribes.


The Abassids never collapsed and have captured Constantinople and Iberia in a bloody conflict known as the Eurabian war. The war ended with the treaty of

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