The Kabyle Kingdom (Moorish: ⵜⴰⴳⵍⴷⵉⵜ ⵜⵉⵇⵠⴰⵢⵍⵉⵢⵉⵜ Tagldit Tiqvayliyit), also called the Kingdom of the Kabyles or Kingdom of Kabylia, was a Moorish state founded by Ayrad Barbarossa in 1517, when he captured the fortress of Tacirte (present-day Dzayer) to the Spanish. However, the Spanish retook the city of Dzayer in 1519, just after capture of Tlemcen by the Kabyles. Barbarossa recaptured the city definitively in 1525, and in 1529 the Spanish Peñon in the capture of Dzayer. Subsequently, the Kabyles attacked the Spanish kingdom of Africa and in 1534 Barbarossa took Carthage. However, in 1535 emperor Charles V assembled a great army that recaptured Carthage and expelled the Moors from the kingdom of Africa. Thus, overtaken by the overwhelming power of the Spanish Monarchy, Barbarossa made his kingdom a corsair state, whose Barbary privateers operated attacking the coasts of the kingdoms of Africa, Castile, Valencia, Sardinia, Sicily and the places of Oran (present-day Wehran), Ceuta, Melilla and Tanger.

On 14 June 1830, a strong French army of 34,000 soldiers landed at Zeralda (27 km west of Dzayer) 1830 and entered Dzayer on 5 July after a three-week campaign against the Kabylian forces. King Ishak Dawed II agreed to surrender and was forced to hand over the crown to the French. This marked the end of the Kabyle Kingdom, which was divided in a number of petty states, and the start of French rule in Mauritania.

List of kings of Kabylia

  • Ayrad Barbarossa, 1517–1546
  • Amunalbal I, 1546–1557
  • Izemrasen, 1557–1574
  • Amunalbal II, 1574–1576
  • Arbaylid I, 1576–1578
  • Arbamun, 1578–1603
  • Zidan, 1603–1628
  • Amunalbal III, 1603–1623
  • Arbaylid II, 1623–1631
  • Imarawnt, 1631–1636
  • Anebdad, 1636–1655
  • Izem Brahim, 1655–1671
  • Agerzam, 1671–1674
  • Yusef Mezzomorto, 1674–1701
  • Ishak Dawed I, 1701–1727
  • Zakriya, 1727–1728
  • Amunalbal IV, 1728–1757
  • Slomon Amazgha, 1757–1792
  • Aberarsan, 1792–1818
  • Ishak Dawed II, 1818–1830

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