The Kaapstad Conference on the Colonization of Africa, also known as the Kaapstad Conference is an conference between numerous countries to decide the colonial future of Africa. The conference will last until the participants agree on the terms.

Invited Nations

  • South African Republic
  • South German Empire
  • French Empire
  • Kingdom of Portugal
  • British Empire (MOD nation)
  • Union of Jutland
  • Kingdom of Belgium
  • German Empire (MOD nation)
  • Kingdom of Italy (MOD nation)
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Kingdom of Spain (MOD nation)
  • Ottoman Empire


  • South German Empire:
    1. Spanish Sahara (OTL)
    2. Cape Juby (OTL)
  • Portugal:
    1. Mozambique (Northern) OTL
    2. Malawi OTL
    3. Angola OTL
    4. Zambia OTL
    5. Guinea-Bissau OTL
    6. Guinea OTL
    7. Sao Tome and Principe OTL
    8. Cape Verde OTL
    9. Northern Namibia (maybe)
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands:
    1. Tanzania (OTL)
    2. Mombasa, Kilifi, Taita Taveta and Kwale districts of Kenya (OTL)
    3. Rwanda (OTL)
    4. Burundi (OTL)
    5. Uganda (OTL)
  • Kingdom of Spain (MOD):
    1. Equatorial Guinea (OTL)
    2. Gabon (OTL)
  • British Empire (MOD):
    1. Ghana (OTL)
    2. Togo (OTL)
    3. Sierra Leone (OTL)
    4. Nigeria (OTL)
    5. Kenya (OTL)
  • Kingdom of Italy (MOD):
    1. Somaliland (OTL)
    2. Eritrea (OTL)
    3. Djibouti (OTL)
    4. Libya (OTL)
    5. Tunisia (OTL)
  • German Empire (MOD):
    1. Cameroon (OTL)
    2. Benin (OTL)
  • French Empire:
    1. Madagascar (OTL except area granted to South Africa)
    2. Algeria (OTL)
    3. Morocco (OTL)
    4. French West Africa (OTL: Mauritania, Senegal, Mali, French Guinea, Ivory Coast, Benin, Niger)
    5. Chad (OTL)
    6. Central Africa (OTL)
    7. Comoros (OTL)
    8. Egypt (As OTL borders of the Khedivate, including Sudan)
  • Union of Jutland
    1. Congo (OTL: DRC and Southern Republic of the Congo)
    2. Nigeria (OTL)
    3. Seychelles (OTL)
  • Ottoman Empire:
    • 1. What I've already got (including Egypt)
  • Kingdom of Belgium:
    1. Nigeria (OTL) ?
  • South Africa
    1. South African Republic
    2. Southern Mozambique
    3. Swaziland
    4. Botswana
    5. Southern Zimbabwe


Resolution 001

  • Kick the Otties out and partition their land between Italy and France. ~ South Africa


  • Italy (MOD)
  • Netherlands
  • France (I think my vote shouldn't count, I do have an interest in expelling the Ottomans, but if I am to vote ...) ~Victor


  • Belgium
  • South German Empire
  • Ottoman Empire (If we're allowed to vote)


  • OOC Belg: Sorry, just thought this would be needed.
  • Belgium: What jurisdiction does this conference have? I can only assume the Ottomans won't abide by this and it would most likely end in some form of conflict?
  • Ottoman Empire: You're basically kicking me out of my own land that I've had for years. I promise that from now on we won't expand any more in Africa because of this conference so I'm entitled to the land I've already got, including Egypt. Yes?
  • South Africa: Yes, pretty much, considering the Ottomans weren't invited in OTL and members of this conference have interests in those areas.


  • Wrto, you have NO COLONIES WHATSOEVER in Africa. You have no big claims anywhere. You're a land power, not a colonial power. ~AM
  • Fine, I reduced my claims. ~Wrto12
  • Tao, Southern Mozambique is under the Boers. ~AM
  • South Africa cannot have part of Madagascar. ~AM
  • As the Toucouleur Empire, can I have claims? ~Thisismacedon
  • No. ~AM
  • I'm aware. I'll take that later. ~Tao64<
  • Why can't I have Seychelles. It's not difficult to control. Also to Cameroon, I have colonial claims and an established colony so unless the Germans bought it from me or defeated me, it's not plausible for them to have colonies where other nations have colonies and claims already. ~Belial
  • I've already claimed some of the coast of OTL Nigeria, and it was unclaimed when I settled it. ~Krysto (Belgium)
  • Nigeria is British considering that Britan has had ports in Nigeria for a long time. ~Oct
  • Alright, but the question is then where is New Brussels located? I had it put in the unclaimed land that corresponded to the coast of Cameroon and Nigeria in modern times. ~Kry

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