Timeline: Treaty of Amiens (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Kōkaku

119th Emperor of Japan
1780 – Incumbent

Predecessor: Go-Momozono
Shogun: Tokugawa Ieharu (1780 — 1787)
Tokugawa Ienari (1787 — )

1st Emperor of Korea
1812 – Incumbent

Predecessor: Position established
Sunjō as King of Joseon
Born: September 23, 1771
Kyōto, Japan
Religion: Shintoism

His Most Imperial Majesty Kōkaku, Most Righteous Sovereign of the Empire of Japan, Lord of Kyōto, Emperor of Korea, Head of the House of Yamato (Japanese: 光格天皇 Kōkaku-tennō, Korean: 광 격천황 Gwang-gyeog Cheonhwang) is the incumbent Emperor of Japan. He is the 119th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession.

Kōkaku also became Emperor of Korea after the Korean-Japanese War of 1812 and subsequent instalment of the Korean Imperial puppet government.

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