Kōchi Prefecture
Japanese transcription(s)
 - Japanese 高知県
 - Rōmaji Kōchi-ken
Flag of Kochi Prefecture.svg
Symbol of Kōchi Prefecture (Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power)
Map of Japan with highlight on 39 Kochi prefecture.svg
Country Japan
Region Shikoku
Island Shikoku
Capital Kōchi-shi
 - Governor Mayuko Aoki
Area rank ?
Flower Yamamomo
Tree Yanase Sugi
Bird Fairy pitta
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Kōchi Prefecture is one of the many Prefectures of Japan.


It was originally known as Tosa Province until 1858, when it was changed into Kōchi Prefecture.

Kōchi Prefecture today is home to four large cities, and its capital, Kōchi-shi, is the most popular, famous and known city in the world.

Kōchi Map Current (SM 3rd Power)

Current cities in Kōchi Prefecture as of 2009.