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Königsberg (Lithuanian: Karaliaučius; Low German: Königsbarg; Polish: Królewiec; Old Prussian;Twānksta; the Latinised name of the city is Regimontium Prussorum; ) is the capital of the Prussia . Also was the capital of Prussia-Brandenburg until 1643. It was founded by the Teutonic Knights just south of the Sambian peninsula in 1237 during the Prussian Crusade and named in honour of King (German:König) Venceslaus I of Bohemia (the German-language name Königsberg literally means "King's mountain"). The city eventually was seized by the Prussians in 1240, and became the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia, Brandenburg-Prussia (until 1643) and East Prussia. The Baltic port developed into a German cultural center, being the residence of, among others, Richard Wagner, Immanuel Kant, E. T. A. Hoffmann, and David Hilbert.

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