Principal Inventor Marzhin Cabal
Manufacturer Rembert Cabal Aeronautics
Type Personal Transport or Observation Balloon
Years Produced 1872 - 1890
Number produced 639
In Service With (From)
  • French Army (1873)
  • Belgian Army (1878)
  • German Army (WW1)
Variants (V) or Other designations (Od)
  • Frosch (oD - Captured German machines)
  • Chameau (V - French)

Variants and Other Designations

Other Designations


Used by the German military to refer to captured models pressed into use. So called because of the 'ships short range compared to newer models (so it seemingly 'hopped' along from station to station) lack of weapons and obvious French links.


Chameau (or 'RR')

This French Varient was introduced just as the type was becoming obsolete, extending the usefulness of existing craft. Of the 263 Justification Class Airships still in French military use when the variant was introduced 194 were converted. The variant was so called because it introduced two cargo holds on the left and right of the gondola. First trialed by the French Foreign Legion, it is perhaps no great surprise to learn that these 'humps' meant soldiers referred to it from the start as 'the camel' despite the official designation being "réalimentation rapide" (rapid resupply) shortened to "RR" in all bar one surviving communication. However when not in the service of the French Foreign Legion it was without exception called the Chameau as that is what the soldiers who introduced it to them would call it.

Notable Craft


First member of it's class, first airship to successfully launch from Rembert-Cabal Aeronautics, first airship to do a non-stop 15 mile trip.


(Chameau craft designated by 'c' after the type registration)

  • Alouette RC-J1-450

Personal transport of the French Commander in Chief.

  • Liberté RC-J1c-102

First to be converted to the Chameau varient

  • Requin de la République RC-J1-19

First to be shot down in action, pilot Alan Seeger

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