Justicialist Party (Akzunne)
Partido Justicialista (Akzunne)
Founder José Mikel Ekiu Kena
First Secretary Akon Ramón Malefane
Second Secretary José Mikel Ekiu Kena
Founded 10 March 2013 (2013-03-10)
Dissolved Banned (national status), operates in exile
Headquarters Calle del Sol N.9, City Capital of Campos ,Municipality of Campos, Akzunne
Newspaper El Pueblo Justicialista
Youth wing Justicialist Youth (Akzunne)
Membership  (2013) 2.000 approx.
Ideology Democracy, Human Rights, Reformism, big tent, Right-wing Socialism
Political position syncretic policies (in particular - Centre)
International affiliation Foro de Rondia
Official colours Orange and Red
Supreme People's Assembly
2 / 650
Regional People's Assemblies
0 / 6
Congress of the Foro de Rondia
5 / 25
under construction

The Justicialist Party (Akzunne) (in spanish:Partido Justicialista (Akzunne)) is a movement of united democratic opposition in Akzunne against the regime Socialist, having been formed in 2013, by 2 of the political parties banned, the Movement for Reform in Civil Action Akzunne and the Party of National Unity for Communal Democracy. Considered a broad movement encompassing many social and political groups who oppose socialism, defends the Reform of the State and the Government (Reformism) as a way of achieving the democracy and the human rights. According to the legislation in force the Justicialist Party (Akzunne) is banned nationally, presenting their activities in exile.

Beginning of opposition

In December 2012, proscribed parties Movement for Civil Action Reform in Akzunne Party of National Unity for Communal Democracy and Bloc of Future Movement organized the "Conference for Democracy". It was debated the future of the country as well as the loss of cultural identity, this reflecting on the fears of the silent majority who want the return of the shirtless. Coming to the conclusion that the shirtless symbolize the poor, the parties represented became the pillars to actively engage the democratic opposition in Akzunne. The meeting led to an increasingly close cooperation between these parties. In February 2013, the leaders of theMovement for Civil Action Reform in Akzunne and Party of National Unity for Communal Democracy, agreed to combine their efforts and decided to combine to form a new party to represent the silent majority. It was then that after brief negotiations, came out formed on March 9, 2013, the Justicialist Party (Akzunne). After this event, the Bloc of Future Movement expressed its resolve to be absorbed by the Justicialist Party (Akzunne), and was accepted with the status of observer.