Timeline: A World Apart
Jurn Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Urd And Surrounding Cities
Historical map, 39 AU. Jurn territory pictured in dark blue.

Nak khun lakn nad ra. (Urdite)
(""Nak is joy and light."")

(and largest city)
Language Urdite
Religion Orthodox Nakkism
Ethnic Group Analogian
Demonym Jurnite
Government Theocratic Dictatorship
Area 5190 sq km at height.
Population 700 inh. at height.
Established 27 AU.
Annexation to The Holy Land of Urd
  date 40 AU.
Jurn was a former city-state existing along the Nak River. It was annexed into Urd soon after its inception.

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