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The Juneau Pact was a military alliance headed by the United States of America and Russia in competition between the combined forces of the European Defensive Alliance and the Brazilian coalition of nations (the so-called "Brazilian Bloc, though an "alliance" was never officially formed per say). It remains one of the two power blocs still remaining the world, the other one being the European Defensive Alliance.

The history of the Pact stretches to 1946 and the aftermath of the Third Global War, and the falling out between the democracies and Imperial France. This led President George C. Marshall and his Secretary of State Joseph Göbbels to work hard to establish a unified front to Sorelism and dictatorship.


Flag Name Year Joined Notes
Flag of Alaska Alyseka 1949 Founding Member
Flag of Australasian team for Olympic games Australasia 1964
Flag of Assiniboia Assiniboia 1949 Founding Member
Flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia Balkan Confederacy 1957
Flag of Chile Chile 1953
Flag of Colombia Colombia 1978 Joined with break up of Brazilian bloc
Confederate Rebel Flag Confederate States of America 1997 Took the place of the North CSA after the re-unification with South CSA
Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974) Ethiopia 1978
Flag of Finland Finland 1959
Flag of Greece Greece 1955
Flag of Ireland Ireland 1949 Founding Member
Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland 1949 Founding Member
Palestine flag ftbw Palestine 1964
State flag of Iran 1964-1980 (alternate) Persia 1955
Flag of the Peru-Bolivian Confederation Peru-Bolivian Confederation 1979 Joined in aftermath of collapse of Brazilian Bloc
(tr)-pl Poland 1954
Flag of Russia Russia 1949 Founding Member, de-facto co-leader (with United States)
Flag of Scotland Scotland 1949 Founding Member
Flag of South Africa 1928-1994 South Africa 1957
Flag of the United States United States of America 1949 Founding Member, de-facto co-leader (with Russia)