The July 2000 attacks were a series of terrorist attacks across the world that occurred during July of 2000. The first was the bombing of the Moscow Metro on July 7. It resulted in the deaths of upwards of 1000 people. The second (July 8) was the destruction of the Andre Henri de Gaulle International Airport in France. The third (July 9 and 10) was a number of suicide bombings in Tokyo and Kyoto followed by an attempt to pilot a hijacked plane into the Imperial Palace. The fourth and final attack (July 11) was a hijacking of six planes in the vicinity of New York City. One plane destroyed the Global League headquarters. Two more attempted to destroy the Twin Towers in downtown, but the hijackers were defeated by the passengers. The fourth was flown towards Washington, DC. The plane suffered a failure and crashed into Capitol Hill. A fifth attempted to attack the Pentagon, and a sixth was crashed into the Atlantic after a struggle between passengers and the hijackers. The aftermath of the attacks was devastating in each nation. The Indochinese guerrilla organization called the Rouge was eventually blamed for the latter two incidents. However, they came out on July 23, claiming responsibility of all four. The organization's leader, Aleksandr Lukashenko also came forth. Lukashenko was found in 2012 and executed in 2013.

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