Week 1

Hungary: Hungary begins mass-recruitng, with the goal of having 300,000 men at the end of the month, spending all rest resources on recruiting. Many new Gerebs, Terézs and Krévs are constructed and employed in the military, soon reaching a total of 1000 vehicles. We offer the US a trade treaty. Hungary also starts developing a new armored car, the 41M Mrén.

  • US: We accept.

Australia: Tension even rises more, while Japanese aim to attack our capital Canberra. We send about 400,000 men to defend the capital city, with our breach that more help need from our allied powers. Government says Australia braces a massive invasion with Japan to take control and hopeful to fend off Japan by defending Canberra. Also we launch some airplane fighters to assist, tanks and armour vehicles in capital Canberra. Whilst Melbourne is still in safe condition but not to receive Japanese attacks once again.

Britain: The latests version of the Treaty of Dublin.

  1. Ireland must join in with Britain's wars for ten years, then they can remain neutral. They don't have to join the Allies. From then Ireland must send volunteers to help Britain.
  2. Ireland and Britain must sign a 50 year peace pact.
  3. Britain must take half of Ireland, Cork and Dublin. After 50 years Britain must give Cork and Dublin back to Ireland.
  4. Britain must help Ireland rebuild.
  5. Britain may have 31% of Ireland taxes. This will be reduced to 20% in 15 years, 5% in 50 years and nothing in 70 years.
  6. Britain must help rebuild Ireland's infrastructure.
  7. Ireland's new capital will be Gateway.
  8. Ireland must pay for the war reparations they've done to the Prime Minister and the factories.


Britain - AH28

Ireland - Zlello

In other news Britain sends hundreds of thousands of men to defend Australia from invasion. We say that children fighting in war is unreasonable ano the British must kidnap all the children fighting for Japan and send them to Britain with safe families. We urge America to declare war on Japan after attacks on American infrastructure. The election will happen on week 4 of July. We aid Russian and Chinese conquest in Japan. We remain silent about the Yugoslavian Crisis. We continue to build our army.

Moderator: Japan's actions this week are invalid due to meta-gaming, and more than five actions.

Japan: Following the massive pressurizing amount of troops on the Sino-Japanese border we decide to counterattack, with weapons of mass destruction under our use we attempt to transport them to our troops stationed in China who are in deep and heavy warfare . We plan to invade China via India, but do to the massive amounts of money our government is spending it may take a while. Our troops in Australia swiftly move through many towns and are preparing to attack Sydney. We once again ask Axis members to assist us in this brutal warfare.

Bulgaria: We thank the Soviets and Yugoslavs for agreeing to peace, and apologize to Italy for being unable to support the Italians' claims. We continue production of weapons, but remove the state of emergency and relocate moved labor back to its original industries. The Bulgarian people begin to express their discontent at the Yugoslavian victory. The government has no idea how to respond. The only possible way to sate them would be to invade and defeat Yugoslavia (however unlikely that would be, given what happened last time). After lengthy debate, the government reaches an agreement: we inform the Soviets that anything that happens between Yugoslavia and Bulgaria in the coming months is purely between these two nations, and any outside intervention would call for a larger Axis retaliation.

  • USSR: as much as we would want to do this, Yugoslavia is part of the Comintern, and the USSR is obliged to defend Yugoslavia
  • Bulgaria: So was the PRC ...

Ireland: Due to the terms of the Dublin treaty we start sending 50,000 soldiers, 20,000 tanks and 3000 planes to defend Australia. We continue recovery and rebuilding in the war. We offer a trade deal with Portugal and the Netherlands. With the debates ending, the final decision of drifting to the Comintern is chosen. We start to drift to The Comintern

  • The Netherlands: We accept.
  • Japan: We send a alliance request to Ireland.
  • Ireland: We decline Japan's offer, we are already supporting in a war, we don't want to be dragged into another one.

Sweden: Following the events of June, the Swedish military currently employs about 850,000 soldiers and is continuing to recruit more, hoping to reach one million or more soldiers within the next couple months. The under-development weapons of war are proceeding on schedule, and are expected to be deployed by December of this year and January next. The Swedish Navy is patrolling the Southern Baltic around Germany, Denmark and Lithuania, which might be considered suspicious by some, but Kung Gustaf comments that "The Navy is just deterring possible aggressors." Sweden's claims on Denmark and Norway are still secretly being fabricated, and are expected to be finished within three weeks. Due to their continued secret manipulations, the populations of the other Nordic countries have become noticeably more friendly towards the Swedes, including the Finns, and all the Nordic peoples are becoming more and more supportive of the Scandinavian Pan-Nationalist movement, with its support/members currently amounting to about 3.789 million people, with support continuing to rise. It is expected that they will attempt to enforce their demands within two to three months, and Sweden is continuing its secret support of them.

Germany: Germany declares neutrality in the war that Japan is having against the Allies. We also continue the construction of Vehicles and recruiting troops.

Slovakia: We continue training our forces and meanwhile, infrastructure around the country is improved. More vehicles are created for the military. The Slovak ambassador in Berlin asks if Slovakia can join the Axis.

Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia: We declare war on Japan and begin to send troops to Indonesian and Malaysia declaring it for the defense of Muslims in theses nations knowing that Indonesia might become a slug fest without us. We begin a counterattack at the Japanese invasion force in Australia. We begin to send troop to Iraq helping out the Sunni Pan Islamism groups in Anbar (basically an invasion of Iraq). We begin to send military aid to Kurdistan and Shia uprising (tanks, Guns, R.L Mk 1) With our missile test begin great we will finish it by the end of this month naming it Qassim with it being able to reach Van Turkey from Mecca (just an example to show how far it can go) .

  • China Dip: We are grateful that the Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia is able to participate in the war with Japan. We ask for an alliance and trade.
  • Saudi Dip: We will take the trade and alliance if you allow an Islamic nation to be made in the Xinjiang region that you can't attack them unless in self defense with one destroyed five years ago.We ask that the Xinjiang region to become the independent Islamic nation due to it have a huge Muslim majority.
    • Japan Dip: The Japanese government would gladly make the Xinjiang an autonomous region of our empire were the real government is in the Muslim's hands but this can only be achieved if Saudi Arabia switches side.

CominternAlliance June GP

AxisAlliance June GP

AlliesAlliance June GP

Neutral June GP

CominternIndependent June GP

AxisIndepdendent June GP

AlliesIndependent June GP

NeutralIndependent June GP

Republic of China: Our nationalist armies fight hard, back on the defending Japanese forces. With the mass spread of propaganda, Chinese recruits from the Japanese side drop their weapons and join our side. We advance forward rapidly into our country and we are near Beijing and Tianjing already, fighting hard with the Japanese. We are close in liberating our capital city, Nanjing. Due to the fact that we have made such a progress, civilians uprising have increased in amount from last month and now, even them are having guerrilla warfare with the Japanese. We continue to unite our armies and war lords are still being massacred.

Italy: Our leader Mussolini will build our military, infrastructure and economy. We will begin to support nationalism of Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro in secret. We even help them form militias to help our troops in Yugoslavia. We will build our armed forces more tanks and weaponry. We mobilize all of our armed forces to attack Yugoslavia and we blockade the coast. We will move another million troops to our border and begin attacking. We begin attacking Yugoslavia using our new German tanks and continue to attack Yugoslavia because of continued resistance.

Japan Dip: We request help in the war we're having.

Portugal: We get the first P40s from the United States as the swing to the Allies is almost complete. If they want help, we will aid Australia by sending 2500 men over to Australia to aid in the effort.

  • Mod Note: Since my mods are useless, I'm just telling you that you're officially part of the Allies, Portugal.
Week 2

Australia: Still war continues while Sydney is now under a threat to Japan, we send more soldiers for about 300,000, tanks and ships which we have to defend the territory against Japanese attacks. It could be massive invasion, and all of the crisis in Australia is rising with tensions of immense attack of Japan to Sydney. Commander of Australia Thomas Blamey informs that they could fend off, surely they need to stop the Japanese war unless Japan completely destroys.

Hungary: Hungary continues mass recruiting, having reached 140,000 this week. Hungary prepares to send more forces to the Slovenian front. We state that we only seek to have Yugoslavia and Italy both survive the war, and that we are unwilling to cross the Yugoslavian-Italian border. We also offer supplies to Australia in their war.

  • Japan Dip: The Japanese government is confused on which side Hungary is on, it is an Axis member and is in trade with Hungary, we request that Hungary help us in the war so we can do the same.
  • Hungary: While Hungary is part of the Axis, we are not obliged to aid any of its members, especially when said member started the war, as such we decline your offer and continue to offer supplies to Australia.
  • Bulgaria Dip: Actually, yes, you are obliged to aid fellow Axis members, even if they are the aggressors. Or at the very least, not aid enemies of the Axis. If not for this, the Axis would not exist.
  • Hungary: I'm not obliged, regardless of what earlier documents have said, nothing keeps me from aiding our enemy.
  • Germany:  We wholeheartedly offer our support to the Greeks as the Bulgarians are removed from the Axis powers as stated before.

Japan: With the war in China continuing, we place the entire army in Nanjing, Beijing and Tianjin. We arm our generals with chemical weapons, we use Kamikaze plots around Beijing pushing the Chinese back. We capture the ROCA propaganda master and execute him. Once again we ask for help in this war.

US: After much planning and Intel gathering the US military begins its campaign in the pacific, sending 2 fleets along with 4 aircraft carriers. More ships are en route to the pacific, and an expected total of two million US soldiers are to be deployed into the pacific. The first fleet arrive in Australia and begin fighting the Imperial Japanese navy, while the second fleet is positioned between Japan an Australia. The USAF begin bombing raids on Japanese ports and airfields in the south of japan from the aircraft carriers. Finally, we accept the request to trade from Hungary.

Bulgaria: The public gets more and more upset at the failure of the government to reclaim its territory from Yugoslavia and, more recently, Greece. The government decides to issue an ultimatum: Yugoslavia and Greece are to sell Bulgaria all formerly Bulgarian lands or face war. The price can be determined by the countries, but we offer the equivalent of $200,000 (between the countries) as a starting point in negotiations. The government informs the allies of Greece and Yugoslavia that they were offered a completely fair deal, and it was their idea to refuse it. We also offer to purchase Southern Dobruja from Romania. The price can be chosen to Romania, but the equivalent of $75,000 is our initial offer. We begin constructing fortifications around cities in Bulgaria.

  • Greece: Greece declines and laughs at the attempt.
  • Bulgaria: Then I hope you can back up that talk. Because this means war.
  • USSR: Yeah, no. Sorry more war time.
  • Hungary: We concur with the USSR. If need be we will support Greece.

Poland: Poland sends the reserve 200,000 troops to the Italian-Yugoslav border in addition a recruitment drive and parade brings in an additional 121,008 recruits to be trained in a month. The Polish air force switches targets to German tanks under the Italians controls. Poland again sends a message to the Italians saying it is willing to sign a cease fire if it leads to a peace treaty.

  • Italy: We are willing to sign a ceasefire.

Sweden: Following the events of Week One, the Swedish military currently employs about 900,000 soldiers and are continuing their recruitment, and the Swedish military has its first ever Supreme Commander, Olof Thörnell. The Swedish military is apparently not fully prepared for armed conflict, Sweden's secret claim fabrication on Denmark and Norway is proceeding on schedule and will be done in two weeks/the end of the month, the Scandinavian population is still being secretly manipulated, though perhaps not for much longer, to continued success, and the Scandinavian Pan-Nationalists continue to gain members and support, currently at about 4.956 million people, and still rising. Sweden continues to secretly support them, and it is expected that they will enforce their demands by, before or during October this year. Sweden declares war on Italy in support Yugoslavia and Poland, and 750,000 Swedish troops under the command of Supreme Commander Olof Thörnell are joining the fighting in and around Trieste, with supplies now being regularly sent to Poland and Yugoslavia.

Slovakia: Now that we are officially part of the Axis, we would like to improve relations with other fellow Axis states. Slovakia remains officially neutral for now, but the Slovak ambassadors in Belgrade and Athens urge Yugoslavia and Greece to work out an agreement with Bulgaria. The Slovak army currently stands at about 60,000 men, and training of conscripts continues.

  • Greece: Greece declines, given they've got almost eight times the army Bulgaria has, and feels like Bulgaria should face the consequences of their war-like actions.

Italy: Our leader Mussolini will build our military, infrastructure and economy. We will begin to support nationalism of Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro in secret. We even help them form militias to help our troops in Yugoslavia. We will build our armed forces more tanks and weaponry. We mobilize all of our armed forces to attack Yugoslavia and we blockade the coast. We begin attacking Yugoslavia using our new German tanks and continue to attack Yugoslavia because of continued resistance. We will begin less offensives since Poland has requested a ceasefire.

Germany: The Germans keep recruiting to the maximum as war is thought to be on the horizon. The German rocket and jet propulsion research is kept to the maximum as well as the Rocketry division to create a rocket to get into Low Orbit flight. We also demote Italy to a Minor in the Axis than I promote Hungary to the Major Spot now open.

  • Germany Dip: The Germans send a treaty asking the Swedes to join the Axis, in exchange for the island of Faro.
  • Sweden: Sweden accepts Germany's offer, but reminds them and everyone else that their diplomacy is still their own, and that their joining the Axis for the time being is no reason to stop trade or other agreements.

Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia: We continue our invasion of Iraq taking the city of Abu Garbe using blitzkrieg and taking control of the air. We begin to help Shia and Kurd's take cities in the provinces of Al Basra, Thi Quar, Misan, Al Qadisiyah (Shia controlled). Nineveh, Dohuk, Kurkut, and Arbali (Kurd controlled). We thank god and our general Muhammad Taj Abd al-Aziz. We begin to secretly , to start manipulating the other Muslim countries' populations into being Pro-Caliphate or at least pro P.I.U We tell the Shia and Kurd's if Iraq is taken we will supply them for a year and a half unless they do something crazy then we will stop supplying them. We begin to send more troop to Indonesia,Malaysia,and Southern Islands of Philippines to defend the Muslim majority from Japan.

ABSness for Japan: Your actions are absolutely incredibly incongruous and implausible. First, you had posted in June week four that you bombed the white house and injured the president?! Do you even know how hard it is to do that when the current security is so high, especially for border control! Not to mention that when the map was updated that I have captured back my cities, you just posted without consideration and pure will that you captured them back like it was just a little game? I have a force of 17 million in army while you only have around one million! And how in the world are you going to capture our propaganda master when he is in jail, far deep in china? I'm sure I and many other players have created some level of ABSness throughout the game but you, Japan, your actions are over the level and even an unbiased player can figure it out. Captainjohnrex (talk) 01:43, October 8, 2015 (UTC)

I'm sorry I was implausible I didn't know I was meta-gaming and was being extremely unrealistic. Next time I'll try and be better but I never said I captured your cities and why is the ROCA propaganda master in jail? My actions were implausible but I don't believe they're that bad. Sorry. TheGreatHistorian 18:07 (UTC)

Ireland: We are are nearly finished with recovery and rebuilding from the British Unification War. We continue trade with our trade partners. We continue sending troops and volunteers to Australia. We begin to study new war techniques if a conflict does occur again. The new war technique that our military officials are most intrigued about is the blitzkrieg. We start to use the blizkrieg as our main strategy for offensives in conflicts.

Mod Note: Both, Saudi Arabia and Japan are officially warned for the last time about meta-gaming. Performing a meta-gaming action again will result in your expelling from the game. OK, I'll try to check myself before I wreck myself -Bozistanball(Saudi Arabia) BTW, would the Shia Kurd uprising be consisted meta-gaming because some of that stuff did happen I.R.L like the Shia uprisings . No, it would not be considered meta-gaming due its historical occurrence.

Week 3

Australia: War still ongoing on Oceania between us and Japan, which they aim to seize Sydney last week. Thomas Blamey said right now some soldiers are about to be sent for about 100,000 men to defend the city of Sydney. Also some fighters could be included, some tanks and even some naval ships to proceed the defense of Sydney. Meanwhile, more troops recruited and some buildings are about to build some fortress, bunkers etc.

Japan: We continue to siege Sydney we expect to capture it next week despite the pressure from other nations. Meanwhile in Hiroshima an epidemic spreads through the city killing 100,000 people. Commander Tojo says theirs no chance of staying in Beijing and orders a massive evacuation. About 100,900 troops fled to other cities, about 1 million men and children are sent to the Chinese cities we own, we send our Imperial navy to every Chinese port on the eastern coast and occupy most of them. We send a military alliance request to Sweden.

  • Sweden: Kung Gustaf sends a message to Emperor Hirohito in response to his request of an alliance, which is now published: "Emperor Hirohito, I do not wish to answer your request of an alliance between our two countries without sharing my reasoning behind it, so before I give you my answer, these are my reasons for it. Yours are a great people, with a unique culture and history, and your people have earned my respect. Yourself, on the other hand, have not earned my respect. From my perspective, you are a warmongering tyrant, and I have not seen any evidence to the contrary. Therefore, having shared my reasons with you, I now give you my answer to your request: No. No, without any doubt or chance of change of mind. No, with great respect to your people and what respect is due to you.
  • Japanese Imperial Office: Emperor Hirohito replies; "Tyranny is at times essential, if Genghis Khan had not been a tyrant would he have made an empire the size of almost all Asia? Or if Alexander the Great had been a peaceful man would he be remembered as "the great". It is not I who wishes to trade with your government but my government itself"

Two very bad examples. Genghis Khan made a huge empire and deserved sheer respect. He killed millions during his conquest. Alexander the great was known 'great' not because he conquest a lot of land, but for his tolerance towards the people he had conquered. He was not a tyrant. Captainjohnrex (talk) 00:29, October 9, 2015 (UTC)

Hungary: Even more resources are spent into recruiting forces, reaching an even larger number of forces the same week. The first 41M Mrév is tested.

Britain: We continue our war against Japan. We increase Anti-Communist propaganda in Ireland. We rebuild Dublin and Cork. We will have an election next week. We send thousands of troops to retake Sydney and thousands of ships to win several decisive battles allied with the U.S. We take some Japanese Islands. more people join the army. We kidnap Japanese children who are fighting in war and send them to a loving British family.

This is implausible, why would any country do that in a war? And do you know how many Childeren you would need to capture wihtout their will? Captainjohnrex (talk) 00:29, October 9, 2015 (UTC)

Bulgaria: The Bulgarian military, tired of Boris the Third's ludicrously militaristic attitude, under orders to declare more and more futile and pointless wars that would most certainly hasten the already-inevitable Bulgarian defeat, assassinates Boris the Third, and issues a complete and unconditional surrender to what has now become most of Europe. The military hopes to be able to atone for its leader's actions, and hopes that "the collective effort toward the destruction of the Bulgarian Tsardom shows that the Allies, Axis, and Comintern need not go to war against one another, and instead can work together to build a better world."

  • Republic of China Dip: We agree to Bulgaria's idea, to build a better world.

Portugal: With the Portuguese men arriving in Sydney, we order to attack the Japanese army in hope of gaining much needed land back from the Japanese. While back at home, a election has been called which will run in September with António de Oliveira Salazar calling a snap election which will run for prime minster. We also accept the trade agreement from Ireland. The industry sector of the country is also starting to produce the Bravia Chaimite which will be defending Portugal until further actions with possibility of tanks being one of the ideas.

Germany: The German Rocket program moves to the newly gained Faroe island and begins testing prototypes there for new aircraft and rockets. The German army continues expanding to become larger and larger. We also begin to secretly support nationalist sentiment in Scotland and spread propaganda to the Swiss that states "Join a United Germania, help your fellow German Nationals."

  • Scotland: The Scots, upon encouragement from Germany, start seriously considering being once again independent. It is thus far unknown what will become of this, but it may result in Scotland voting to secede from the United Kingdom.
  • Switzerland: The Swiss begin to consider joining Germany, but generally they currently prefer being independent and Neutral, and it is likely they will decide against joining Germany. However, further efforts on Germany's part may or may not change their minds.

Slovakia: Training of the Slovak army continues. Infrastructure is improved.

Italy: Our leader Mussolini will build our military, infrastructure and economy. We will begin to support nationalism of Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro in secret. We even help them form militias to help our troops in Yugoslavia. We will build our armed forces more tanks and weaponry. We mobilize all of our armed forces to attack Yugoslavia and we blockade the coast. We begin attacking Yugoslavia using our new German tanks and continue to attack Yugoslavia because of continued resistance. We will begin go on the defensive and request a ceasefire with Yugoslavia.

  • Croatia: With high nationalism desire on themselves, Croatia is willing to open negotiations with Italy.
  • Italy: We will give Croatia OTL World War 2 borders in return for helping us fight.

Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia:  We continue our Invasion of Iraq finally taking over all of Anbar and begin to help Shia rebels fight in Basar giving them their official flag. We begin to move on Baghdad attacking weak points with air power then begin to rain shells on them over then rush the area. We begin to fight japan asking China if we can put boots on their ground to help them fight in Manchuria.

  • ROC: We agree

Sweden: Following the events of Week Two, the Swedish military current employs about 925,000 soldiers with recruitment continuing and reinforcements being sent to the front as needed. Sweden's claims on Denmark and Norway are proceeding on schedule, and will be done the end of next week. The Scandinavian population is still being secretly manipulated, though for only a couple weeks longer, to great success. The Scandinavian pan-Nationalists, whom Sweden continues to secretly support, continue to gain support at an increasing rate, currently at about 7259 million people. The estimates of their enforcing their demands by or during October still stand, though they may be revised. As there is not yet a ceasefire, the Swedish Forces in Italy have pressed their advantage whenever possible, and have managed to occupy the Regions of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, South Tyrol-Trentino and Veneto, pushing the front in Italy to the Regions of Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna. The Swedish Forces on the front are continuously bombing the Italian side of the front, using planes, artillery, mortars, tanks, etc. The Swedish Air-force has been fully deployed in the region, and the Swedish Navy will soon join them.

  • Italy: We are both part of the Axis so stop invading a fellow member. We are also in Slovenia and Montenegro by now so if you are invading there is some territory left before Italy.
  • Sweden: If countries were people, Sweden would be making a face at Italy which anyone could easily interpret as "Are you serious?". Sweden reminds Italy that every country has their own diplomacy separate from their alignment, and therefore Sweden can fight them if it wants to. Sweden also reminds Italy that Poland and Yugoslavia have the better portion of a million, if not more than a million, soldiers in Yugoslavia fighting them, and that if Sweden occupies all of Italy they will have nowhere to go except Albania.

Republic of China: After several weeks of prisoning Mao Zedong and the propaganda master, Lin Biao, we execute them both publicly. We gain full control over our major cities and our capital: Nanking, Beijing, Tianjin, etc. However, our ports are still occupied by Japanese fleets. Though we fire artillery shells at them, there is not much difference, furthermore, we do not have a navy. Therefore, we ask the US to help us gain back our east coasts for Chinese trades. Not to mention, we head north for an advancement, ten million, into Manchuria, killing all those who object us. We also welcome the Saudi Arabians to join us in the fight. We, therefore, ask a strong alliance with them and mass trade. Three million troops are stationed in our cities while we send two million to defend Sydney Australia against the Japanese.

Ireland: We are almost finished with recovery and are finished with rebuilding from the British Unification war. We send more soldiers to Australia and we continue military training using the blitzkrieg and guerrilla warfare that we effectively used in the British Unification War at the same time, we call this newly made military technique "Lightning Masquerade". The Lightning Masquerade starts with the bombers bombing the enemy followed with an ambush of tanks and then the soldiers finishing them off using camouflage and Guerrilla warfare. We use this as our main military technique to defend Ireland if another conflict occurs. We continue trade with our trade partners and we continue to drift to the Comintern.

Week 4

Hungary: Hungary officially declares war on Italy, and while prior involved through sending reinforcements, the Hungarian army, made up from more than 200,000 men now, prepares to aid on the Yugoslavian front against Italy, willing to do its bit against the oppressor. As such, Hungarian troops, supported by the new Hungarian vehicles, moves up to the Slovenian front. Recruitment still continues.

US: Roughly 1.2 million US and 1000 M2 Medium Tanks land in Australia and move quickly to Sydney, engaging Japanese forces in the area. The US Navy Pacific fleet begin engaging the Japanese ships at the ports in China. We begin to construct more factories to produce things such as ammunition and weaponry.

Slovakia: The Slovak embassy in Rome is evacuated. The army has currently about 65,000 men, with the new recruits and conscripts continuing to train. Infrastructure continues to be improved. Vojtech Tuka is appointed by Tiso to the post of Prime Minister.

Australia: We continue to defend the city of Sydney sending more troops about 500,000 to destroy Japanese troops, also some tanks, some airplane fighters and some ships. Thomas Blamey says that he shouldn't be worried about the massive attack and feels confident that Australia could have numerous help of their allied soldiers to defend. Meanwhile, military picks up more recruited troops for immediate defense on Sydney against Japan.

Poland: Poland arms 12,000 fighters and 8000 bombers on Monday. Polish front-line forces begin turning border towns into fortresses by building defensive walls, artillery emplacements and trenches. The first Czlog I is tested in Poland and on Friday the Polish air force heavily bombs Rome, the air force loses 8000 planes in the attack.

United Kingdom: In the general election, Winston Churchill is elected as the prime minster. He decides to spread anti-independence propaganda in Scotland. We demand that if Scotland wants their independence, they have to fight for it. We demand that Germany stop aiding Scottish rebels. We invite Denmark to join the allies, promising land and stability. We advise Germany to back or in potential war against them. We increase our naval presence in the North Sea. We build our military presence on the French-German border. We build our military. We staiom our ships in East American ports. We continue our war against Japan. However, we do offer the Treaty of Sydney to Japan and our allies to end the war. We send the navy to the Pacific to fight them. We offer a trade pact with Sweden.

  • Denmark: Denmark declines, citing their neutrality.
  • US: The US ask the UK to leave Germany alone, stating peace between the Axis and the Allies has no reason to end. He instead states the two factions should work together to fight warmongering nations instead of one and other.

Sweden: Sweden accepts the offer a trade agreement with the UK, and following the events of Week Three, the Swedish military currently employs about 1,000,000 soldiers with recruitment continuing and reinforcements being sent when necessary. Sweden has decided to construct two more Ulaf Railway Artillery guns, in addition to 18 long-range heavy artillery guns intended for use in Italy, which are projected to have an effective range of about 50 miles, and both they and the Ulaf cannons will be completed in about three weeks. Sweden's claims on Denmark and Norway will be finished the end of this week. The Scandinavian population continues to be secretly manipulated, though only until the end of next week. The Scandinavian Pan-Nationalists, which are continuing to secretly receive support from Sweden, currently have about 9195 supporters and still rising. Due to a continued lack of a ceasefire, Swedish forces this week occupied Lombardy, Piedmont, Aosta Valley and Liguria, the Swedish Navy also arrived, and with it whatever forces from the Army which weren't deployed beforehand, which worked with the forces already deployed to occupy Liguria, meaning that the Italian front has now been pushed to Emilia-Romagna and Toscana.

Japan: Seeing we lack nationalism and a military is beginning to be overpowered, Emperor Hirohito declares the National act. We begin publishing government magazines and start using propaganda posters to increase the size of our military. We fund our infrastructure and request to buy 700 He-176 off Germany. We send 110,000 men to join the 350,000 stationed in Manchuria, due to delay Sydney hasn't been captured but we continue to try. We send Winston Churchill a request to meet Emperor Hirohito in Nagasaki to discuss the Treaty of Sydney.

Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia: We continue our Invasion of Iraq finally taking over Baghdad after fighting for 2 weeks, We also help Shia rebels take Al Basrah that they have been fight for two weeks. We begin over move into Karbala taking it over in 5 days due to it begin a small province and using speed to take it over and begin to take aim for Salah al Din. We tell all Neo Ba'ath party members to leave Iraq or face death due to the fact we are mostly fighting them and their views on non Arabs . We tell China we are more then happy to have a strong alliance with them and mass trade with them if the Xinjiang get Independence from China but the lowest we would go is that one big part Xinjiang gain independence. We begin to send troops to China to fight in Manchuria telling them to respect the Chinese Culture and keep bad thoughts to themselves.

Republic of China: We tell that after fighting for years in our country to unite it, it will be impossible for us to provide an autonomous region to Xinjiang, especially when it's a whole state. We do apologise for the muslim massacre years before in China however, we have to say that those were desperate times and it still is. We are also curious why the Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia wants that state to be independent, as it will do them no good. We send 10 million along with Saudi Arabian forces advance into Manchuria to fight the 460,000 Japanese troops. We continue to fire at Japanese ships with our tanks and artillery shells. We send another 2 million from China to aid the other 2 million fighting in Sydney, making 4 million. We declare to Japanese to cease fire any moment and tell them that it would be impossible to win the war. 

Saudi Dip: We tell China we somewhat agree with them about freeing Xinjiang so we ask for a small piece of land to gain independence in return we will help you in your and their economy. We tell China why we want to help Muslims around the world because we are brothers and sisters and that is why we want to help Xinjiang.

China Dip: We find the Saudi Arabians hypocritical. They say they want to help muslims around the world yet they attack their muslim countrys. Neverthless, China looks up to their spirit in untiitng their brotherhood and will consider in the future to grant the East Tukestan Repulic independence.

Germany: The Germans send expeditionary forces to the Hungarians and Swedes. The HE-178 is started to be mass produced as a Fighter for the Luftwaffe. The Germans continue dropping propaganda into Switzerland that asks them to vote to join the German Reich. We also continue supporting Scottish independence to leave the UK peacefully in secret.

  • Switzerland: The Swiss continue to be disinclined to join Germany, but the Germans' propaganda is starting to have a noticeable effect.  
  • Scotland: The Scottish National party gains support due to secret German involvement, and the Scots may take a vote of whether or not to leave the UK within a year, or perhaps within a few months.


Week 1

Australia: We continue to discuss about Treaty of Sydney with our alerts about Japan attacking us and alerting some more troops to defend them off, including all of our allied troops backing us from attack. Thomas Blamey it wasn't for us to blame, but Japan has quietly made a expansion war between us that they want to do it, but they denied that. Meanwhile, we continue to recruit more troops but the number of troops is 400,000 total.

Poland: The 323,946 recruits come out of training and go to the Slovakian border. Slovakia is offered a deal: Join the Polish Republic as a self-governed state and lose only a few major decision capable choices or be invaded and annexed and have no governance within the Republic.

Hungary: We forge a draft of a supposed peace treaty to the war against Italy and send copies to Poland, Sweden and Nazi Germany. We continue to recruit more soldiers, and our forces arrive at the Slovenian front, joining Polish and Yugoslavian forces against Italy. We also offer Germany the following treaty.

Hungarian treaty of Exchange

- Polish Corridor is ceded to Germany.

- Austria is ceded to Hungary.

Hungary: Signed.

Germany: Signed.

United Kingdom: We say to Germany 'back of and stop aiding Scotland'. we send thousands of troops to defend Australia and we send hundreds of ships to fight in the Pacific. We build our military.

Italy: Our leader Mussolini will build our military, infrastructure and economy. We will begin to support nationalism of Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro in secret. We even help them form militias to help our troops in Yugoslavia. We will build our armed forces more tanks and weaponry. We mobilize all of our armed forces to attack Yugoslavia and we blockade the coast. We will declare that our peacetreaty will be if Yugoslavia releases its Albanian territory, we will release ours.

  • Croatia: The Croatian people are affected more negatively than before, and they get together only 3000 men for the militia.

Slovakia: Josef Tiso tells the Polish government that he will need time to discuss these developments with the rest of the Slovak government, unbeknownst to the Poles, as a way to stall and buy time. Meanwhile, the Slovak ambassador in Berlin secretly asks Germany for assistance against Poles, citing their Protection Treaty signed between them shortly after the war with Hungary. At the same time, the Slovak Army is mobilized quietly, with 50,472 men sent to the northern regions of Žilina, Prešov and Trenčín. Fortifications are put up along the Javorníky River in northern Slovakia, including trenches and forts. It is not expected for all of them to be finished, but they try to put up as much as possible before the attack. The river will be used a natural line of defense. Another 5286 men are stationed in the Trnava region, with fortifications (including trenches) being put up there as a final line of defense before Bratislava. Slovak men between 16 and 60 are conscripted into the army, and are organized into the 25,000-man Bratislava Defense Army, for protection of the capital. The Slovak Air Force moves most of its aircraft to the airfields in central Slovakia, in preparation to provide air cover to ground troops. The Škoda company is ordered to start producing more LT tanks. The fascist Slovak People's Party rallies its paramilitary group, the Hlinka Guard, drafting its members into the Bratislava Defense Army. The Slovak Army has spent the past months drilling and training, so Tiso is confident in their abilities despite the small numbers, and hopes that the international community (more specifically, Germany) will come to their smaller country's aid.

Portugal: The latest numbers to come out of Portugal, is that 55000 people have been enlisted to the military. This includes 4500 women in different roles but not in the fighting which is still controlled by men. We also wonder why we weren't in the Treaty of Sydney as we did help out and still are by sending another 1250 men over to Sydney.

Japan: Our propaganda tactics seem to be working as massive amounts of civilians are signing up for the army, we expect by next December we will have 2.78 million men in our army, navy and air force. We arm our troops in Manchuria with mass amounts of chemical weapons and send even more ships to ports in China. General Tojo invents the Karamli Jujitsu technique where chemical weapons are unleashed on the enemy as well as tanks and the air force and soolder wearing gas masks fire at them. We use it on the ROCA, it works effectively but we are still outnumbered so we send requests to Ireland, Switerzland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia and the USSR to help us create a new alliance called G.A.S.S The Global alliance of Soverign States.

Germany: The Germans continue dropping propaganda into Switzerland asking them to join the German Reich. Germany looks over the treaty that the Hungarians sent to us. The Germans continue to recruit more troops.

  • Switzerland: The effect on the Swiss people is still quite slow, but it is having noticeable effects. The Swiss government begins to consider what some of their people are beginning to tell them: "We should join Germany."

Ireland: The latest census for the military recently comes out and the results are that there are 70,000 men and women in the military (including the ones in Australia) and 250,000 in the home force. We continue to drift to the Comintern. We secretly send spies to Scotland to aid for Scottish independence. We continue to recruit troops.

Islamic Emirate of Saudi Arabia: We tell Japan G.A.S.S will never work and you should call for peace giving this idea. Japan will give up Manchuria and destroy their W.M.Ds then China, Japan and Saudi Arabia will be in a four-year NAP we will allow other nations join this idea if they want to. (We are not sure how China will react to this idea and they might say "no"). We tell China we will agree to the strong alliance with them and mass trade seeing growing tension by the two countries. we begin sending Oil to them. We also tell China with the Invasion Iraq was right because of Iraq Political instability and army coups since 1933. Various ethnic and religious fractions tried to gain political accomplishments, often resulting in violent revolts and a brutal suppression by Iraqi military. In 1933, hundreds of Assyrians were killed in Simele massacre and in 1935–1936 a series of Shi'a uprisings were brutally suppressed in mid-Euphrates region of Iraq, and in parallel an anti-conscription Kurdish uprising in the north and a Yazidi revolt in Jabal Sinjar were crushed in 1935. We continue our Invasion of Iraq asking U.S.A and the U.K to take Assyrians refugees or they will face death by the Kurd's.We begin to fight in Salah al Din stopping at the Tigris river.We begin to help Shia rebels fight in Thi Qar. We begin to train our troops in chemical warfare

  • US: We accept

There are things I do not understand there. Saudi Arabia expects us to dispose of our WMD's but they are allowed to train their troops in chemical weaponry despite the fact that Muslims are taught not create weaponry that kills innocents. Aren't the Assyrians Christian? Why would Saudi Arabia be protecting them? Just some stuff I would like to point out. TheGreatHistorian500 23:58 UTC

1 We can make WMD's to defend ourselves or as a form detente but I understand what you mean. I'll stop making chems but I won't make any promise when nuclear weaponry becomes a thing.

2 I don't want to see senseless killings of anyone because of their religion or else I would be shooting Christians left and right in Iraq. Bozistanball

Understood. TheGreatHistorian500

US: The USA send more ships to the pacific, they also ask Germany to tell Japan to stop warmongering in the Pacific. The USA also begins to accept the Assyrian refugees. Seeing Japan's usage of Chemical weapons, US troops are now equipped with gas masks. Finally, we begin to build three cruisers on the east coast.

Sweden: Following the events of July, the Swedish military currently employs about 1,025,000 soldiers and recruitment continuing, though it is now starting to decline. The under-construction heavy weapons will be completed on schedule in two weeks, and Sweden's claims on Denmark and Norway were completed just before the beginning of the month. The secret manipulation of the Nordic people will end this week, and the Scandinavian Pan-Nationalists currently have about 11.753 million supporters and members, with the number continuing to rise. Sweden has reviewed the current draft of the peace treaty for the war against Italy, and has some issues with it, but overall finds it satisfactory. Due to a continued lack of ceasefire, this week Swedish forces engaged the Italian navy, and have cut off supplies to Italian forces in Yugoslavia and Albania, and occupied Emilia-Romagna and Northern Toscana, pushing the front to Southern Toscana and Marche.

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Week 2

United Kingdom: We spread anti-independent propaganda in Scotland, we also remind them if they want independence, they'll have to fight it. We sanction Ireland for aiding Scotland. We know Ireland and Germany is aiding Scotland due to spies. We continue to fight Japan in Australia and in the Pacific, hoping that the new version of the Treaty will end the war. We station ships in American ports and we recruit more men to join the army.

Poland: Polish forces move from the Slovakian border to inland Poland. The deal is withdrawn from the table after a civil protest in Poland. Polish forces at the Yugoslav-Italian border press an assault and attack the Italian forces in between them and the Swedish, in doing so they reopen supply lines to the Swedish forces and secure a strong victory in the war. Though there are many casualties the offensive is considered a success and as such Polish forces are allowed triple meal rations and a bottle of bear each.

Slovakia: Josef Tiso is thankful that the Poles will not invade, and orders the armed civilians to be demobilized. Much of the army is transferred to other parts of the country where they are usually stationed, but about 20,000 men remain on the river to continue building fortifications. Known as the "Tiso Line," it will serve as the northern line of defense.

Hungary: Hungary finalizes the land exchange treaty and officially welcomes the Austrians as part of Hungary now. The peace treaty Hungary sent to its allies is slightly modified, excluding the land exchange formerly proposed between Germany and Hungary, and further more includes no differences. Hungary states that Italy's peace treaty is false, citing that Italy has no territory to return.

Southern Australia: We still battle with Japan at the pacific to try end this treaty. Meanwhile, at the Treaty of Sydney, 'Australia' will no longer be named and it has been changed as Southern Australia due to Northern Australia being annexed by Japanese forces. This means we still have resources of our troops recruited and more buildings like Melbourne.

Japan: With discussions of the treaty going on, General Tojo orders an evacuation of all troops in Australia to send them into Manchuria. By September all troops in Australia will be in Manchuria, we continue our propaganda tactics and continue to get a swarm of men, women and children signing up for the army. Meanwhile we develop the TOK-134 and the DRAGON-245. We make massive industrial areas across our empire. Emperor Hirohito tells Manchurian men if they fight for Japan, Chinese men in Japan will be considered as "Japanese citizens."

Germany:The Germans continue dropping Propaganda into Switzerland. The Germans test their first tactical missile on Faro code named "Adler". Germany also renames the Axis powers to the Central Order.

  • Switzerland: The Swiss Nazi Party this week was blamed for a recent string of crimes, some of them severe, and therefore support for joining Germany and becoming Socialist has dropped somewhat and the progress of its success in Switzerland has been slowed further, but it is still proceeding.

Sweden: Following the events of Week One, the Swedish military currently employs about 1,050,000 soldiers with recruitment proceeding slower than before. The under-construction heavy weapons will be completed next week, and the secret manipulation of the Nordic people ended last Friday. The Scandinavian Pan-Nationalists currently have about 14.137 million people supporting them, with support continuing to rise. The Swedish military appreciates Poland's opening up additional, more convenient supply routes to its forces in Italy, and due to the Italian military's recent, severe loss of manpower, Sweden has occupied the Toscana, Marche, Umbria, Abruzzo and Lazio Regions, but have not yet occupied Rome, only surrounded it.

Portugal: We accept the Treaty of Sydney that Japan currently proposed to the Allies. While that is going on, we start to plan out a possible invasion of Africa as we have already got colonies in Angola and Mozambique. The plan is to invade Morocco as we hope that Spain doesn't join the battle.

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Week 3

US: The USA still refuses to sign the treaty if Japan takes Northern Australia, mainly due to the HUGE military presence there by the Allies and a strong ability to fight back further Japanese invasion. The USA asks to trade with Germany and Italy. The USA also begins to put research into newer, more modern equipment. Finally, the USA employ another 20,000 people into the shipbuilding industry.

Southern Australia: While the Treaty of Sydney still ongoing, we discuss the problems about them declaring a war on us to annex North Australia for an expansion war. The conclusions on the talks Australia should have no problems with Japan but we don't want to expect them to do a fully planning annexation to Australia. Meanwhile, a lot of troops gain to be recruited on the army, and some buildings might be rebuilt. Though of the same that our ports were destroyed, we decide to rebuild them again.

Japanese Imperial Office: We officially declare we are no longer at war with Australia.

Sweden: Following the events of Week Two, the Swedish military currently employs about 1.075 million soldiers, The under-construction heavy weapons have been completed and were sent to the forces surrounding Rome, the Scandinavian Pan-Nationalists currently have about 17.578 million supporters, and support for them is continuing to rise. Due to a continuing lack of a cease-fire, Swedish Forces this week occupied the Molise, Campania, Apulia, Basilicata, Calabria, Sardinia and Sicily Regions, and Rome will fall at the end of next week if a ceasefire is not agreed upon.

United Kingdom: Seeing as the Treaty of Sydeny hasn't been signed yet, we send more troops to Australia to gain more land for Southern Australia. We say that any land we take we keep. We wish for the Treaty of Sydney to be signed by next week. We build our military. We begin the blockade of Germany. We station ships in Western American ports.

USSR: A small skirmish with Japanese forces in Manchuria occurs. The military and infrastructure are improved, the USSR officially declares war on Italy. Forces are moved to help the invasion of Italy, and we declare that Albania will become either a Communist state or become part of Yugoslavia.

  • Sweden Dip: Sweden appreciates the USSR's assistance with the invasion of Italy, but does inform them that Italy is fully occupied besides Rome, and the only targets left for occupation are Rome and Albania.

Germany: The Germans continue to drop propaganda into Switzerland. The Germans continue to recruit more troops and begin construction of Bismark-Class Battleships.

  • Sweden Dip: Sweden sends a request to Germany to buy one or two Bismarck-Class Battleships.
  • Switzerland: The Swiss continue to, slowly but surely, become more in favor of joining Germany and becoming Fascist. However, due to recent events it will likely still be some time before enough of the Swiss People are convinced to get the government to request to join Germany.
  • Pakistan: A satellite crash happened in our transimission area, causing us to receive no messages. Finally, after the fix, we are now speaking. We have upgraded our military technology. Also, we are proud to declare to open an organization called the U.I.S. (United Islamic Scientists), which is created for the greater good of science for the community. We ask if Saudi Arabia will join the U.I.S. We hope make the Islamic Nation better than before.
Week 4

Hungary: Documents are finalized and in the upcoming maps, Austria will be designated as Hungarian ground, effectively reforming the territory of the Austro-Hungarian empire into one Hungary. Hungarian officials have given details that it is considered to reform Austro-Hungary, but doesn't give exclusive details. Hungary's army furthermore grows to a number of 300,000 troops, and recruitment still goes on. We also improve on the circumstances for the inhabitants, hoping to draw more inhabitants.

United Kingdom: We ask the Soviet Union to join forces and defeat the Axis and worry about our differences later. We continue to build our military. We continue the blockade of Germany, hoping for them to be weakened. We continue to fight the Japanese in Australia and say that any land which is caught goes to Southern Australia.

  • Germany: If the USSR helps in any UK war mongering we includeing me Sweden and Hungary shall attack and defend the Italians in this current war.
  • Sweden: Sweden supports Germany's statement, but does remind everyone this is not because they are part of the same Alignment as Germany.

Southern Australia: We think the Japanese officers admitting us that they declare it is no longer a war with Australia. Commander thinks some allied troops are refusing that Japan has to take Northern Australia. Which in that case we need to resolve. Unless it gets worse to make another war with Japan and the crisis will grow even bigger to make Australia a lot of problems. Meanwhile, the troops continues to be recruited.

Japan: We continue our evacuation of troops from Australia. We increase the amounts of our propaganda. We develop the Kiragasu gas, the most dangerous gas so far, we use on Chinese troops and push them back. We drop bombs of this gas into the ROCA military camps massacring many. We tell the UK and USA we are no longer at war with Australia. We once again ask Central Order members to at least provide supplies to our troops,the let alone help us in this war.

Germany: The Germans continue dropping propaganda into Switzerland. We state that we wish not to fight anyone but if the English keep pushing the limits of German we will fight stating the Germans and the Central order wish not to fight. We continue our rocket program which seems to be going well as an "Adler" is successfully launched reaching mainland German-Austrian border.

Sweden: Following the events of Week Three, the Swedish military currently employs about 1,100,000 soldiers, Sweden has started deploying large bomber-craft which have vague similarities to the American B-17's, Sweden has also started working on other new, improved aircraft, reportedly including some far-off designs for craft similar to the German jets, in addition to other new technologies and improved designs, including multiple new ship designs which are being referred to by Swedish Officials as the "New-Class Fleet" and some missile weapons which are said to likely be "a few years off" and "not perfected by any point of comparison". The Scandinavian Pan-Nationalists currently have about 20.154 million supporters and members, and estimates of their enforcing their demands in October appear to be off. Since there is still no ceasefire, Swedish Forces will have occupied Rome by the end of the week, and Swedish Forces this week occupied the majority of Albania, with Tirana and some lands around it being one of the few areas yet to be occupied.

  • Switzerland: The Swiss People, still slowly and yet noticeably, are becoming more in favor of joining Germany and Fascism, and the Swiss military has been on high alert for some time now due to the events taking place in bordering Italy.

Slovakia: The Slovak army continues working on border fortifications. Training of soldiers continues.