Julius Postumus of Britannia
Governor of Britannia, Patrician of Venta
Consort Charis
Full name
Julius Alexandrius Postumus
Royalty Augustinian Dynasty
Father Alexandrius
Mother Priscilla
Born 9 Aug 289
Lutetia, Gaul
Died 1 Jan 359
Occupation Governor of Britannia
Religion Hellenism

Patrician Julius Postumus (289-359) was the the first and eldest son of Princeps Alexandrius Postumus and his wife Priscilla. He was the grandchild of Imperator Postumus and nephew to Imperator Marius and Imperator Augustus.

Julius was brought up with expectations to succeed his father's posts. He was educated by the best tutors in Gaul and became a masterful orator.

When Alexandrius became governor of Britannia, Julius left Gaul to join his father's household. He continued his education in the city of Venta. Upon Alexandrius's death (309), Julius succeeded his post as governor. However, the transition was not entirely smooth; some senators objected to the despotic succession of Julius. They felt that the governors should be approved by the Senate. The debate between Senate and Julius eventually erupted into the Venta Riots (310-311). Imperator Augustus, Julius's uncle, brought in troops and crushed the rebellion. Most dessidients were killed and any senator that opposed Julius's reign "mysteriously vanished".

As a result of Augustus's aid in securing the governorship, Julius pledged undying loyalty to him. In an effort to further improve relations, Julius married his cousin Princeps Charis (314). Although the marriage was meant to forge an alliance, records indicate that the affair was a jovial one.

When his cousin Augustus II ascended to the throne, Julius again affirmed his loyalty to pontificate (315).

Julius died in 359, after having served for 50 years as governor of Britannia. Imperator Peter held a state funeral for him (a rare honor).

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