Julian the Great
Flavius Claudius Julianus
Timeline: Julian's Empire

Portrait of Julian the Great

Augustus (Emperor of Rome)
November 3, 361-July 18, 401

Predecessor Constantius
Successor Volesus
Born November 28, 331 (Constantinople, Eastern Roman Empire)
Died July 18, 401 (Macedonia, Roman Empire)
Spouse None

Flavius Claudius Julianus, popuraly known as Julian the Great (November 28, 331-July 18, 401) was emperor of the Roman Empire from 361 until his death. Julian was the first pagan Roman emperor after the brief rise to prominience of Christianty in the early to mid 300s. Under his reign, Christianity was gradually reduced to a splinter sect, most churhces were shut down or turned into temples, and priests were either forced to resign or converted.

Julian is generally viewed as the savior of the empire: had it not been for his actions, Christianity may very well have taken control of the empire, and the ancient world would have all but died. His ashes are interred in his Masoleum in the Aegean Sea, which remains open to the public.

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