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This timeline explores the history of the world after Judgment Day, October 27th, 1962.

A nuclear war is egnited by a U.S invasion of Cuba during the missile crisis. This timeline will cover everything from the aftermath of the war up to present day.


Our Point of Divergence is on October 27th, 1962. Soviet nuclear missiles have been placed on Cuba, but instead of forming a blockade against Cuba, President John F. Kennedy launches an invasion of the small socialist island nation. In response Castro orders the launch of the warheads in his possesion, and World War Three has begun.

The U.S is swift to respond by launching their missiles at Cuba and Russia. Britain still relied too much on their nukes being delivered by bombing planes, so therefore they were not able to make much of a difference. And France's nuclear weapons program was still too young.

That night between the 27th and the 28th, thousands of nuclear missiles danced across the skies, and in an instance, the world was changed forever.

Russia seems to have the most nuclear strength. It then attacks France and Austria.



List of Nations

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