— Senatorial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Israel, Palestine
Judea II
Location of Judea
(and largest city)
Hierosolimitanum (Jerusalem)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Hebrew (LIngua Judaeorum)
Angelic Gnosticism
  others Roman Polytheism, Judaism
Ethnic groups
  others Aegyptians, Arabians, Greccians, Italians, Anatolians
Government Theocratic Provincial Republic
  legislature Governor/High Priest and Senate of Judea

A Short History of Judea

Judea was in between some of the oldest civilizations in history. The Aegyptians on one side and the many states of Babylon, Sumer, and Assyria all mixed in the middle in Judea. The Jewish people who took over this land had their own very distinct culture. Angelic Gnosticism, a new religion which emerged from the Aegptian, Zoroastrian and Jewish religions, took over this Province suring the Peace of the Eleventh Century. Governor and High Priest Zeruel, whose real name was Alestrius Libo but whose angel name means Arm of God, declared the Gnostic faith to be the official religion of Judea. He was not intolerant of other religions, at least at first, but he did enact tax laws which forced other religious peoples to pay more to the Gnostic Temples. The Romans allowed this to happen because the tax revenue of Judea was massively increased and their increases in activity from the communities of Gnostic in their surrounding provinces. Zeruel was a theocrat but the the people of Judea were much wealthier after his reign than before.

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