State of Judea
יהודה‎ מְדִינַת
Timeline: In Frederick's Fields

OTL equivalent: Kingdom of Israel plus the Negev and Sinai
Flag of Israel Emblem of Israel
Flag Coat of Arms
IFF Judea Map
The Middle East, with Judea shaded in navy.
Anthem "Hatikvah
Hatikvah instrumental
Capital Jerusalem
Largest city Jerusalem
Other cities Gaza, Rabat Ammon, Tel Aviv, Hebron, Jericho, Bethlehem
Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino
  others Arabic, Assyrian
  others Islam, Christianity
Ethnic Groups
Semitic, White
  others Iranian
Demonym Judaic, Israeli
Government Parliamentary democracy
  legislature Knesset
Prime Minister Isaac Herzog (Jewish Labour Party)
Population 7,350,000 
Established October 10, 1920
Independence from Ottoman Empire
  declared June 3, 1918
  recognized October 15, 1920
Currency Israeli Shekel
Time Zone UTC +2
  summer not observed
Internet TLD .il

The State of Judea or State of Israel is a representative parliamentary democracy in the Middle East, located between the International Suez Canal Zone to the west, the Islamic State to the east and the Republic of Phoenicia to the north. The capital, and largest city, is Jerusalem. Judea is a state extremely close to the Concert of Europe and one of its two primary partners in the Middle East, together with the Republic of Assyria. It is the only Jewish nation in the world, and the only one that speaks Hebrew as its primary language. Judea is the descendant of the arrival of millions of Jewish people seeking to restore the Biblical Kingdom of Israel, as well as to escape antisemitism in other parts of the world between the 1800s and the early 20th century. Judea is a democratic state, which, although having raised some controversies over the treatment of its Arab minority, has high regards over human rights, democratic process and rule of law.

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