Judean/South Israeli Kingdom
530 BC - 523 BC 3by2white.svg

Flag of Israel.svg
Flag of Judea

Capital Jerusalem
Languages Hebrew language
Aramaic language
Religion Judaism
Government Monarchy
 •  530-525 BC Solomon I (first)
 • 523 BC David I (last)
Historical Era Era One
 •  Assassination of Amel-Marduk and collapse of Babylon 530 BC 530 BC
 •  Conquest by Persia 523 BC 523 BC
Currency Barter

The Kingdom of Judea and South Israel was a nation in Asia.



In 530 BC,Amel-Marduk was assassinated by Babylonian nobles.With their protector gone,the Judeans declared independence and elected King Solomon I as King. He died in 525 and the Jews elected Moses I as King.Moses was willing to submit to the Persians however and was deposed in 524 BC.The Jews then elected David I King.


In 523 BC,the former King Moses and the Persians invaded.They conquered the country and Moses was declared satrap of Judea.


Judea was an elective monarchy.The monarch was elected by the people.

List of Judean Monarchs

1.Solomon I 2.Moses I 3.David I