Judah P. Benjamin

Judah P Benjamin
Portrait of Judah P. Benjamin

3rd President of the Confederate States
February 18, 1873 - February 18, 1879

Predecessor Alexander Stephens
Successor James Longstreet
Vice President James Longstreet

3rd Confederate States Secretary of State
March 18, 1862 - February 18, 1867

Predecessor Robert M.T. Hunter
Successor James Longstreet

2nd Confederate States Secretary of War
September 17, 1861 – March 24, 1862

Predecessor Leroy Pope Walker
Successor George W. Randolph

1st Confederate States Attorney General
February 25, 1861 – September 17, 1861

Predecessor Office instituted
Successor Thomas Bragg
Born August 6, 1811
Christiansted, West Indies

now the C.S. Virgin Islands

Died May 6, 1884
Political Party Democrat
Religion Judaism
Profession Politician, Lawyer

Judah Philip Benjamin (August 6, 1811 – May 6, 1884) was an American politician, lawyer, 3rd President of the Confederate States, and the first Jewish President. He was born a British subject in the West Indies, became a citizen of the United States and then the Confederate States.

During his career in U.S. politics, Benjamin was a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives and a U.S. Senator from Louisiana; he was the second Jewish senator in U.S. history. Following the formation of the Confederate States of America, he held three different Cabinet posts in the government of Jefferson. He was the first Jewish Cabinet-member in a North American government.