Tran-Universial Research Project
The Trans-Universial Research Project is the brain-child of Dr. Cataramos, who invented the “Warp Chamber”. Originally designed to be a transporter so that troops could receive supplies, weapons, etc., while behind enemy lines or surrounded, it was quickly found not efficient for that purpose. The process itself is classified, as is the machinations of the “Warp Chamber”. All objects that have been sent through the wormhole had failed to reach their intended destinations. It was later found that there was more than one universe, all interconnected through tiny threads. A robot sent through the wormhole found itself in a completely different world than what was supposed to appear, before being promptly crushed in an avalanche of rocks. Examinations of star charts was enough to convince that it was modern-day Earth in another universe. Almost by accident, Cataramos discovered that altering the frequency of the waves allowed for one to travel to different universes. Currently, only two other universes have been entered, the first having been lost due to unrecorded readings of the frequency. The second is an ongoing experiment involving return trips. A manned mission to the universe is planned within two weeks.
“Warp Chamber”

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