Joseph Rao Kony or Joseph Kony (b. July 31, 1961) is a Christian minister, who travels around Zanzibar and to other major and developed countries - particullary the US and French Empire. He currently works with Sam Childers - a former gang biker who now dedicates his life to help children in Africa - about developing ministries and schools across Africa. In 2011, Kony convinced major corporations to donate $1.5 million dollars each to assist in the construct of ministries and schools, as well as the construction of pernament housing for impoverished families. He also established an defense group called the Lord's Protection Army, which is used to protect the refugee camps, ministries, and schools from raiders in certain parts of the countries he operates. The LPA also protects League of Nation's convoys and camps in the region from the raiders that strike at villages for children.

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