Joseph McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy
Portrait of Joseph McCarthy

President of the United States
January 20, 1953 – May 9, 1958

Predecessor Joseph P. Kennedy
Successor Nelson Rockefeller
Born November 14, 1908
Died May 9, 1958
Washington DC, US
Spouse Jean Minetti
Political Party Nationalist
Joseph McCarthy (November 14, 1908 - May 9, 1958) was an American politician and president of the United States in the 1950s. In a time when many Americans were startled by the growing threat of Unitarianism, McCarthy was seen as a strong candidate that would take a stand, resulting in his election in 1953. McCarthy proved this by defending South Germany in the German War, and increasing America's military power. McCarthy would be reelected in 1957, with plans to contain the power of Unitarianism. However, he suffered from illness and would die of a heart attack on May 9, 1958.


Election of 1956

McCarthy's polling numbers coming into the 1956 election made re-election likely. However, accusations from the Liberal Party of McCarthey's "fascist" response to suspected unitarian activity drove many voters to the Liberal Party, which nominated New York Governor William Averell Harriman as its candidate. Harriman was a foreign policy expert who promised to fight Russia "the right way", blasting McCarthy for dragging out the war in Germany without anything to show for it. McCarthy's numbers also took a hit when Vice President Irving Ives declined to run with McCarthey for a second term. The two men had split on their views of McCarthy's methods against unitarianism, and Ives' split with McCarthy only strengthened the view that McCarthy's methods were in the wrong.

At the nomination convention, McCarthy's new running mate was announced: a relatively former Senator of New York and McCarthy's Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare: Nelson Rockefeller. Rockefeller was seen as a compromise selection; as a moderate, who drew in crowds who were weary of McCarthy's extreme methods. But Rockefeller was still seen as hard on unitarians, and his support of police force made him a proper law and order candidate that would "continue to stop the flood of red agents that Russia is trying to send into our country". The two men, both at the age of 48, also campaigned on a platform of bringing in new ideas, compared to the older Liberal candidate that was "stuck in the way of the past". On election day, McCarthy was elected to his second term by a comfortable margin.

Indochina Conflict

Declining Health and Death