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Joseph McCarthy (Quebec Independence)

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Joseph McCarthy

Joseph McCarthy
Portrait of Joseph McCarthy

President of the United States
January 20, 1953 – May 9, 1958

Predecessor: Joseph P. Kennedy
Successor: Nelson Rockefeller
Born: November 14, 1908
Died: May 9, 1958
Washington DC, US
Spouse: Jean Minetti
Political Party: Nationalist
Joseph McCarthy (November 14, 1908 - May 9, 1958) was an American politician and president of the United States in the 1950s. In a time when many Americans were startled by the growing threat of Unitarianism, McCarthy was seen as a strong candidate that would take a stand, resulting in his election in 1953. McCarthy proved this by defending South Germany in the German War, and increasing America's military power. McCarthy would be reelected in 1957, with plans to contain the power of Unitarianism. However, he suffered from illness and would die of a heart attack on May 9, 1958.

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