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After a long, bitter struggle, Göbbels, the propaganda head of the Nazi Party, assumes control, and begins making plans to ensure his position and rebuild Germany.

The first, and most successful operation is to isolate Göring and Himmler from the rest of the party, as well as convince the German people that he could lead him. It starts in Late 1933, when he orders documents incriminating Himmler of using the SS to arrest and imprison members of the Nazi Party that don't support him, which is only partially true. Göring is slandered by the incrimination that he was forcing party members to give him money for his expensive tastes in food, women and his morphine addiction. Both men, stunned by Göbbels' attacks, try to answer the accusations, but since it is mostly true, if only a bit exaggerated, they can do little. The plan works brilliantly, for Göbbels is able to force Göring and Himmler under him due to the destruction of the power bases, and many people saw Göbbels as a fair, effective ruler.

But this is only part one. What does Göbbels do next?

Build the military

Find allies in Europe

Fix the economy

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