Joseph I
Joseph Bonaparte.PNG
Portrait of Joseph I
King of Spain and the Indies
Reign 6 June 1808 - 1 July 1810
Predecessor Ferdinand VII
Successor None
King of the Iberian Union and the Indies
Reign 1 July 1810 - 28 July 1844
Predecessor None
Successor Zenaide Laetitia Julie Bonaparte
Spouse Julie Clary
Issue Zenaide Laetitia Julie Bonaparte

Charlotte Napoleone Bonaparte

Full name
Joseph-Napoleon Bonaparte
House House of Bonaparte
Father Carlo Buonaparte
Mother Letiza Ramolino
Born 7 January 1768
Corte, Corsica
Died 28 July 1844
Madrid, Iberian Union
Religion Roman Catholicism
Joseph-Napoleon Bonaparte (7 January 1768 - 28 July 1844) was the elder brother of Napoleon I of France, who made him King of Spain from 1808-1810. Portugal and Spain then merged to form the Iberian Union, which Joseph ruled from 1810 to his death in 1844.


King of Spain

In 1808, the French began its invasion of Spain. King Charles IV was killed in the fighting, and the king after that, Ferdinand VII, fled the country. Napoleon Bonaparte then made Joseph the King of Spain and Joseph I. The conquest of Spain was not over yet. Guerrillas and militias continued to fight the French occupation forces. After forcing the guerrillas out of the villlages in southern Spain, they moved to the west near the Portuguse border. Joseph lead an army of French and Spanish soldiers and defeated the guerrillas at the city of Badajoz, officially ending the Spanish War of Independence. With the conquest of Spain and Portugal complete, Napoleon merged the two countries into the Iberian Union, with Joseph as its first king.

King of the Iberian Union

Joseph Bonaparte was crowned Joseph I of the Iberian Union on July 1, 1810, which was also the date that Portugal and Spain merged to form the Iberian Union. Joseph then began a campaign against the Barbary States in North Africa, and the new Iberian Union Navy patrolled the Mediteranean Sea for the ships of the pirates. Troops then landed on Northern Africa, and Joseph orchestrated the capture of Tripoli Harbor, which ended the war. After the war ended, the Iberian Union still occupied Tripoli Harbor, and Joseph planned to eventually use it for his colonial ambitions. In 1830, the Iberian Union and France would sign the Treaty of Lyon, which gave Northern Morocco to France and Southern Morocco to the Iberian Union.

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