This is the page of Joseon in the Second Principia Moderni

Timeline: Principia Moderni (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Korean Peninsula, Vladivostok
Flag of Korea 1882 Joseon Seal1
Flag Coat of Arms
Joseon Map
Location of Joseon

For Nation, For Glory (Korean)

Anthem "Aegukga (애국가)"
Capital Pyongyang
Largest city Pyongyang
Other cities Seoul, Inchon, Busan
  others Chinese, Japanese
Religion Buddhism
Ethnic Groups
  others Chinese, Japanese
Government Absolute Monarchy
Area 220,847 km² (85,270 sq mi) km²
Population approx 4.2 million 

Other Info



Imports: Silk, Iron, Silver, Gold, Paper, Lumber (Not in Order of Quantity)

Exports: Fish, rice, agriculture, Coal (Not in order of Quantity)


Timeline (1450-2013)

  • 1450- Korea requests protection for its ships from Japanese pirates with China, and begins an overhaul of the political system.
  • 1451- Korea, in order to protect against Japanese pirates, begins a huge revamp of the army and navy. The navy and army, which are made of up of mostly incompetent political ass-kissers is completely renovated, with actually competent officers going into there. The same happens in the army.

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