Jose Francisco Fernando Eduardo Antonio Carlos Juan Marcos de Iturbide y Hapsburg (30 March 1872 - 24 April 1914) reigned as Emperor of Mexico as Jose Francisco I on two nonconsecutive occasions; he was brought to power out of an agreement between the centrist Maderistas who had planned the peaceful Madero Coup and the reactionary conservative elements loyal to Porfirio Diaz and Victoriano Huerta in 1906 following the forced abdication and exile of his father, and he reigned until 1911, when the radical revolutionaries captured Mexico City and installed his mentally impaired brother Agustin IV as an interim Emperor. When the conservatives, this time backed by the German-Mexican elites as opposed to the military, recaptured Mexico City in 1913, he was reinstalled as Emperor until his assassination on April 24, 1914.

Jose Francisco is regarded as a relatively incompetent ruler and his reign is seen as the beginning of the decline of imperial power in Mexico, even more so than his father Agustin III.

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