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José Marcó Encalada Guerrero
Timeline: Great White South

Portrait of

5th President of Santiago
1931 – 1951

Predecessor Juan Schmidt
Successor Felipe Juárez

5th Estadista of Isla de Berkner
1927 – 1931

Delegate for San Martín North
1924 – 1927

35th Antarctic Tuzelmann Award Laureate
-1947 –

Predecessor Joan Roman
Successor Rafael Zavala Sr
Born May 4th, 1879
Flag of Chile Chilean Antarctic Claim
Died July 11th, 1954 (aged 75)
Flag of Santiago (Great White South) San Martín, Santiago
Spouse Esmeralda Guerrero
Political Party Santiagano People's Party
Profession Politician

José Marcó Encalada Guerrero was the 5th President of Santiago, serving four consecutive terms between 1931 and 1951, making him the country's longest-serving President. Guerrero was also the first President born in modern-day Santiagan territory (his predecessors had been born in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Germany); though, at the time, the area was administered by Chile, and Guerrero was originally a Chilean citizen.

Guerrero's Presidency is usually cited as one of the most significant in Santiago's history. He was elected a few years into the Great Depression; and his tenure lasted through the Spanish Civil War, World War II and the Bellinsgauzenia War. Continuing the policies of his predecessor, Juan Schmidt, Guerrero began to align Santiago more strongly with the United States; and in the early years of the Cold War, he affirmed Santiago's position on the anti-Communist side.


Early Life

Political Career


Early Presidency


Guerrero (right) with President Roosevelt of the United States. The two leaders greatly increased their countries' relations during the 1930s and 40s.

The Wars

Post-War Period

Retirement, death and legacy