Palestinian Republic of Jordan
جمهورية الفلسطينية من الأردن
Jumhuriat al-Filastiniat Min Al'urdun

Timeline: This is the Dream
Flag of Palestine Palestine COA (alternative)
Flag Coat of arms
Location of Jordan (This is the Dream)
Location of Jordan
Anthem "Mawtini"
Capital Jerusalem
Largest city Amman
Language Arabic
Islam (SunniShia)
  others ChristianityDruzeAlawite
Demonym Jordanian
Government Unitary parliamentary
constitutional republic
  legislature Parliament
Palestinian Council (upper house)
Palestinian Assembly (lower house)
President Bashir al-Husayni (MTI)
Premier Nasser Khalidi (HAN)
Speaker of the Palestinian Assembly Faud Barghouti (IND)
103,672 km²
  water (%) 2.4%
Population 15,461,078 (2013 census) 
Established Emirate of Transjordan
(April 7, 1921)
(June 17, 1946)
Jordanian Civil War
Jordanian Revolution
(January 29, 1979)
Currency Jordanian Dinar (د.ي) (JRD)
Time Zone (UTC+2)
  summer (UTC+3)
Calling Code +962
Internet TLD .jo
Organizations UASUN
Jordan, officially the Palestinian Republic of Jordan (Arabic: جمهورية الفلسطينية من الأردن, Jumhuriat al-Filastiniat Min Al'urdun), also known as Palestine, is an Arab republic in Western Asia, located on the East and West Banks of the Jordan River. Jordan is bordered by Arabia to the south-east, the United Arab Republic to the west and north-east, and Lebanon to the north.

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