Jorani Um
Cambodians 26
Jorani Um, looking at Phnom Penh.
Nickname The Brain
Place of birth Krong Battambang
Allegiance Fighters of Buddha
Service/branch Strategical Minds
Years of service 1962-
Rank អគ្គមេបញ្ជា (Commander in-Chief)
Battles/wars Siege of Phnom Penh (1964)

Operation Daylight (January-October 1965)

Awards Key of Phnom Penh

White Ribbon

Jorani Um is a strategical mind and Commander-in-Chief of the Fighters of Buddha, literally, the most powerful person after Master Samlain Sihamoni.

Early Days of Life

Jorani was born in a small town, Krong Battambang in the year of 1921. She had a brother who was mentally challenged. His brother's condition made Jorani go on a journey to Angkor Wat, where she thought she could find a cure for him.

Life as Apprentice

She was accepted into Angkor Wat in the year of 1935, when she was 14. Master Sothear Hum saw her talent in martial arts and fighting and took her as an apprentice. In time, Master Sothear saw that Jorani wasn't only good at fighting, but had a bright strategical mind. Jorani humbly says "We played chess with my master back in the day. I won most of the time but I still think my master let me win."

Military Service

During 1935-1950 (or ages of 14-29), Jorani was the steward of Master Sothear. In 1950, (age of 29) she became a 2nd lieutenant for the Royal Cambodian Army. Then became a lieutenant (1952), captain (1954), major (1956), lieutenant colonel (1958) and colonel (1960).

When nuclear war started in 1962, she immediately went to Angkor Wat and saw Master Sihamoni get a survivor group together. She was the first woman and the first military person to join the fighters.

Service for Fighters

She immediately became the Commander-in-chief of Fighters of Buddha since Master Samlain knew her capability. She is best known for convincing Simpletons to leave the city of Phnom Penh. In the year of 1965 she thought of Operation Daylight, and captured Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh in the same time.

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