Gobiernos Unidos de Sudamérica
Joint Governments of South America
Timeline: Napoleonic Europe (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, southern Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and southern Brazil
Bandera de los Gobiernos Unidos (Napoleonic Europe) Escudo de Armas Chile (1818)
Flag Coat of Arms

Por la Unidad y la Libertad (Spanish)
("For the Unity and Freedom")

(and largest city)
Language Spanish
Religion Roman Catholicism
Government Federal Republic
  legislature Senate of the Union
President Gonzalo Bulnes
President of the Senate Hipólito Yrigoyen
Established 1830
Currency Peso

The Joint Governments of South America is a federal republic conformed by the union of five states, and located in southern South America. The current President is Gonzalo Bulnes (1911-1917).

Government & Politics

The Joint Governments are a union of independent states, similar to a federation like the United States. Today, is divided in 5 States. The executive branch of the Joint Governments is the President democraticly elected. The Legislative branch is the Senate. The current Constitution (know as the Acta Constitucional de la Unión), promulgated when the country was formed in the XIX Century, regulated the system government.

Political Parties

  • Frente Liberal Unido
  • Partido Conservador Nacional
  • Unión Radical
  • Coalición Nacional de Independientes
  • Movimiento Nacional de los Trabajadores

Capital of the Union

  • Buenos Aires (1893-1896)
  • Santiago (1896-1899)
  • La Paz (1899-1902)
  • Montevideo (1902-1905)
  • Buenos Aires (1905-1908)
  • Santiago (1908-1911)
  • La Paz (1911-1914)
  • Asunción (1914-1917)



Trade Agreement

  • France
  • Prussia
  • Italian Union
  • Confederate States



  • Soldiers: 82,000 men. (1902 Census)


  • Libertad-class Dreadnought (In production).


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