Previous - 1939-Soviet Invasion of Poland (CYOAH)

President Roosevelt, against all odds, allows the annexation of the United States to the Soviet Union. The economy is reformed and rebuilt, bring what was once the United States out of the Great depression. With the world's two most powerful nations working together, Germany hasn't a chance, and is decimate in mere weeks. The rest of Europe falls within three months. Once the UK is invaded, Canada is attacked by the Communist States of America, gaining their vengence for the war of 1812. Mexico and North Africa are next, followed by the Middle East and Central America. By the end of the decade, Australia is the only continent untouched by Communism. Stalin visits Roosevelt, who was made dictator of North America years back, to confer with him what to do about the "Capitalist rebel scum" in Australia.

Once the United States became Communist, those that did not already like it, or learned to like it, fled from to Australia. Other nations quickly followed suit. Without a strong anti-Communism base, the conversion was easy, and without a friendly superpower to protect them, dictatoral laws were set up to keep the people in line. Australia became the last outpost for freedom in 1939, with the fall of China. Now the Australians were losing a guerrilla war, with Communist forces gearing up for a final assalt on the continent. Then, in June of 1940, fifty million soldiers from around the world were rallied to Southeast asia, and the invasion began. Australia is taken in five months, and those that would not accept Stalin as their overlord, were killed.

On his deathbed, Fraklin Delano Roosevelt could not help but think he made a grave (no pun intended) mistake in siding with Joseph Stalin and conquering the world. He died at 3:35, March 29th, 1945. The Soviet empire spread across the planet, and was nigh indestructible. This was until the economic crash of July 5th, 1997, which shattered the economy, and from there everything went downhill. The empire collapsed as riots broke out across the globe, with former nations declaring independence, and millions of troops leaving the armed forces to join the newly recreated nations. Over the next year and a half, the empire disintigrated, leaving the world to begin anew.

End of Timeline

Jazon Naparleon 21:50, August 11, 2010 (UTC)

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