John I of England
King of England
Reign 1392 - 1399
Coronation 1393
Predecessor Edward III
Successor Henry IV
House Lancaster
Father Edward III
Mother Phillippa of Hainault
Born 1340
Died 1399

John of Gaunt, or John I of England, was King of England and the successor of Richard II, or Richard of Bordeaux. The younger sibling of Edward the Black Prince, he succeeded his brother's only son as King of England after Richard died on crusade in Livonia. A successful warlord, he renewed the War of the Seine and succeeded in capturing much of Normandy and Anjou. His reign was brief, due to his death of dysentery in 1399, only 7 years into his reign, but his son, Henry IV, would continue his war, and it would be won, and the throne of France claimed, by his grandson Henry V.

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