John Edward Redmond
Taoiseach of Ireland
Taoiseach Redmond and his family, circa 1912
Taoiseach of the Dominion of Ireland
Incumbant 6th May 1904 - Present
Monarch Edward VII

Edward VIII

Predecessor Inaugural Holder
(Member of Parilament) Teachta Dála for Waterford
In office

1891 - 1904 - Member of Parliament

1904 - Present - Teachta Dála


Richard Power as Member of Parliament

Inaugural Holder as Teachta Dála

Personal Details

Johanna Dalton (1883-89)

Ada Beesley (1899-present)





Religion Roman Catholic
Born 1 September 1856

Kilrane, Ireland, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland

Political Party

Irish Parliamentary Party (1880-1904)

Aghaidh le Chéile (1904-present)

Profession Barrister

John Redmond is the current and inaugural Taoiseach of the Dominion of Ireland after its separation from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. A relatively moderate figure, Redmond was selected as the first Taoiseach in the first Irish only elections in 1904 with backing from many political figures both Irish and British. H.H Asquith who would go on to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom chaired a commission to advise the new Dominion on their first leader, John Redmond being a close friend.

As a Member of Parliament Redmond advocated Home Rule but under an old, British system and seemed to many to be a pale comparison when viewed against the rowdy nationalists of the early 20th century. Redmond's new party Aghaidh le Chéile (English: Forward Together) garnered nearly seventy percent of the first sitting of the two houses of the Irish Dominion, sealing the Taoiseach's position and the unity of the political elite. Ireland saw a decade of uncertain progress as the institituions that had once been ruled from Westminster, returned to Dublin.

John Redmond took his oath of office in 1904 following the five month adjustment period in which Ireland was technically a dominion, but still under British rule. Edward VII came to Dublin for the final time during his reign to accept the pledge of loyalty from the Daíl and Senead and to invite Redmond to form a government.

Redmond's policies of social development and renewed industry have begun to push Ireland into the new century however with the funding that once came with a truly United Kingdom there are many who yearn for the way things were, and those who would see the fortunes of Ireland go beyond a dominion.

Redmond was elected back to his seat in the Dáil and as Taoiseach in 1908 and again in 1912 when he pledged that it would be his final term as Taoiseach believing that he had served his country to the best of his ability. Candidates for the 1916 general election began to be discussed even before Redmond took his oath in 1912.

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