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John Beazley Lafayette Lombard
Timeline: Great White South

John Lombard in 1977

6th Director-General of the South Pole
1975 – 1980

Predecessor James Formby
Successor Lawrence Everett

21st Administrator of New Vestfold
1980 – 1984

Predecessor Sir Zachariah Heep
Successor Ian Frank Nelson

Delegate to the Antarctic Assembly
1971 – 1975

Predecessor Paul Garret
Successor Janine Goodman
Born November 23rd, 1925
Davis, New Vestfold
Died July 15th, 2005 (age 79)
Spouse Fiona Pugg (1957-70)
Jasmine Waters (1998-2005)
Political Party None
Profession Diplomat, Architect

John Beazley Lafayette Lombard was Director-General of the South Pole between 1975 to 1980, and Administrator of New Vestfold from 1980 to 1984.

Originally an architect, Lombard designed several famous monuments and sights. Some of these designs include the Hvorostovsky gate, the Gloucester Bridge and Library of Ninnis.

Lombard was known for having a jovial and enthusiastic attitude and maintained strong monarchist values. While his tenure as Director-General is mainly remembered by the failure of the Uphoff Appeasement Treaty and the outbreak of the South Atlantic War, Lombard also accomplished the Impeachment Act of 1975, Whaling laws, the development of the Ognian Confederation and the Princess Beatrice Alliance.

Early Life

John Beazley Lafayette Lombard was born November 23rd, 1925, in a middle classed home in Davis, New Vestfold. He was the fourth of seven children to his father, Ryan Lombard and his wife Liane.

Architectual Career

Antarctic Assembly


In 1975, Lombard became Director-General of the South Pole, the first Australian to hold the position.


Impeachment Act

Whaling Laws

The Princess Beatrice Alliance

Uphoff Appeasment Treaty


Meeting of the Uphoff Appeasment Treaty, 1978. (L to R) Vibeke Hageback, Maudlandic delegate, John Lombard, Director-General, David Rikkerman, Chancellor of New Swabia, and Olaf Ludwig Fillers, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

South Atlantic War


Later Life and Death