John Kennedy
John F. Kennedy, White House color photo portrait-1-
18th United States Ambassador to the United Nations
In office:
February 19, 1977 - January 3, 1981
President: Edmund Muskie
Preceded by: George Bush
Succeeded by: Daniel Patrick Moynihan
38th Vice President of the United States
In office:
January 3, 1965 – January 3, 1969
President: Wayne Morse
Preceded by: Robert Taft
Succeeded by: George Romney
United States Senator from Massachusetts
In office:
January 3, 1953 – January 3, 1965
Preceded by: Henry Cabot Lodge
Succeeded by: Benjamin Smith
Member of the United States House of Representatives from Massachusetts' 11th District
In office:
JJanuary 3, 1947 – January 3, 1953
Preceded by: James Curley
Succeeded by: Tip O'Neill
Born: May 29, 1917

Brookline, Massachusetts, U.S.

Died: November 22nd, 2003 (aged 86)

Brookline, Massachusetts

Birth name: John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Political party: Democratic
Spouse(s): Jacqueline Kennedy
Alma mater: Harvard College (A.B.)
Religion: Roman Catholic

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 2003) was an American politician and diplomat who was the 38th Vice President of the United States and a Senator and Representative from Massachusetts. Kennedy was a contender for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1972, until numerous sex scandals came to light, and he was forced to drop out and retire from politics. His career was rehabilitated in 1977, when Edmund Muskie named him to be the United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

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