John II of France
Timeline: Premyslid Bohemia

2nd King of Southern France
November 23, 1350 - January 27, 1401

Predecessor Philip VI of France
Successor Louis XI
Born April 16, 1319
Le Mans, France
Died January 27, 1401
Limousin, France
John II of France

John II of France when he in 1350.

John II of France was born the second child of Philip VI of France and his queen Joan the Lame on April 16, 1319. He was the 2nd King of Southern France after three months of his father reign when Edward III took the Northern France. He married in 1351 to Blanche of Sicily, daughter of Peter II of Sicily with which he had two sons: Louis and Philip. When he died in Corrèze, new French capital on January 27, 1401. He was succeeded by his son who became Louis XI.