John V & II of Portugal & England
Timeline: Hapsburg's Unite

King of England and Ireland
King of Portugal and the Algarves
Duke of Brittany

August 25, 1661 - June 6, 1688

Predecessor Edward II & VII
Successor Henry X
Born April 22, 1620
Palace of Placentia, Greenwich
Died June 6, 1688

John II & V (August 25, 1661 - June 6, 1688) became King of both Portugal and England (along with the Algarves and Ireland) and Duke of Brittany on August 25, 1661 at the age of 41, and was crowned on December 25. His mother was Elisabeth of France, and his father was Edward II & VII. John was the second monarch in the Avis-Tudor royal family, but was the eighth monarch in the Tudor house, and the tenth in the Avis house.

In the last year of his life, John finished what his father started, and he created a political union between the nations of England and Portugal (and the Algarves and Ireland.) This created the United Kingdom of Southern Britain and Portugal.


Early Years

Civil War

The largest rebellion in English history occurred in 1663 and lasted for three years. It was a rebellion that spread from Ayrs by Scottish guerrillas, to Ireland from the still rebellious guerrillas, even in England from the Puritans who were still persecuted even after the 'Act of Freedom'.

Political Union

In August, 1687 John began to make arrangements with the government to form a finalized political union between England and Portugal, he did this as he wanted to create a larger power for his son to control in Europe, and also to control it's larger Empire. The finalized Act of Union of 1688 stated that the countries of England and Portugal (and Ireland and the Algarves) would be in a Political Union called the United Kingdom of Southern Britain and Portugal. The capital would be in Lisbon (though London was the largest city.) The monarchs would use the numbers from the English succession (i.e. The next John would be John III, not John VI.) Also both nations would have a large presence in each others parliaments and equal representation. The 'Act of Union of 1688' also stated that Calais would be governed by the Channel Islands (basically making it another Crown Dependency.) Also Brittany (or as his father renamed it, Little Britain,) was to be incorporated as the 40th County of England, meaning England annexed it.


John married Maria Eufrosyne of Zweibrücken, sister of Charles X of Sweden in 1638, when John was 18 and Maria was 13. 10 years later Maria fell pregnant with Johns child. Then in November, 1648 Maria gave birth to twins, though the stress of this killed the poor lady. It was a boy and girl. He named the girl Maria after her recently deceased mother, but he named the boy Henry, and the boy would go onto be the first monarch to rule over a fully United Kingdom.

Name Birth Marriage Death
Maria of England & Portugal November 15, 1648 Philippe I, Duke of Orléans June 30, 1699
Henry X November 15, 1648 Françoise Madeleine d'Orléans April 16, 1720

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