John III of Portugal
Timeline: Tudor line

Joao iii jeronimos
Portrait of John III of Portugal

King of Portugal
13 December 1521 - 29 April 1555

Predecessor Manuel I
Successor Louis I
Born 7 June 1502
Palace of Alcáçova, Lisbon
Died 29 April 1555
Palace of Alcáçova, Lisbon
Queen Catherine of Spain

John III of Portugal was born on 7 June 1502 to King Manuel I of Portugal and Maria of Aragon as the Prince of Spain.

In 1521 he began his 36 year long reign, and soon asked Joanna I and Charles I for a political marriage, it ended in his marriage to Catherine, Joanna's sister and his sister Isabella's marriage to Charles.

He continued in the absolutist ways of previous kings and in 1527 his only daughter Maria of Portugal was born. She was soon betrothed to Henry IX of England.

During his reign he made his own empire right next to his brother-in-law's empire in South America and partially abondoned his parts of Morocco. He then had a little Prince John (1537), but soon he died of unexplained causes and to this day it is claimed that Henry IX killed him.

During his reign some Lutherans made their way through Portugal and, angry at this he asked Pope Alexander VII to send an inquisition to get rid of them. In 1550 he went to America to visit the spanish, however whilst there he contracted malaria. This eventually turned into a problem; Henry IX wanted his wife to inheritethe throne but John, rather than giving it to Maria and thus sending it to the lackwit englishman, decided that his brother Louis would inherit it.