Jean III

John III (John Charles Mary Isidor, French: Jean Charles Marie Isidor, Spanish: Juan Carlos María Isidro) was King of France.

He was born on 15 May 1822 in Madrid, Spain, son of Prince Charles of Spain and France (1788-1855) and his first wife Princess Mary Francisca of Portugal (1800-1834). He became King of France upon the death of his distant cousin and brother-in-law, Henry V, on 24 August 1883. John III died on 18 November 1887 in the Palace of Versailles, Paris, France.

He married on 6 February 1847 to Archduchess Mary Beatrix of Austria-Este (1824-1906), daughter of Duke Francis IV of Modena and Princess Mary Beatrice of Savoy, having the following issue:

Charles (1848-1909), who succeeded his father as King Charles XI of France.

Alphonse Charles (1849-1936), who eventually became King Alphonse I of France.

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