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John Hoover
J Edgar Hoover
36th President of the United States
Assumed office:
January 3, 1961
Left office:
May 2, 1972
Vice President: Richard Nixon
Preceded by: John M. Butler
Succeeded by: Jim Carter
1st Director of the Internal Investigative Services
Assumed office:
April 4, 1949
Left office:
January 3, 1961
President: Douglas MacArthur
John M. Butler
Preceded by: position established
Succeeded by: John M. Butler
Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
In office:
March 22, 1935 – April 4, 1949
Presidents: John Nance Garner
Herbert Hoover
Douglas MacArthur
Preceded by: position established
Succeeded by: position abolished
6th Director of the Bureau of Investigation
In office:
May 10, 1924 – March 22, 1935
Presidents: Calvin Coolidge
Herbert Hoover
John Nance Garner
Preceded by: William J. Burns
Succeeded by: position abolished
Born: January 1, 1895

Washington, DC

Died: May 2, 1972 (aged 77)

Washington, DC

Birth name: John Edgar Hoover
Political party: Republican
Religion: Presbyterian

John Edgar Hoover (January 1, 1895 – May 2, 1972) was an American politician and law enforcement executive who served as the 36th President of the United States and the 1st Director of the Internal Investigative Services, in addition to other bureaucratic investigative posts.

Hoover was Macarthur's hand-picked successor during most of his presidency. MacArthur had created the Internal Investigative Services to quell anti-American sentiment during the realignment of the Great War in the 1950s, and chose Hoover to run it. Hoover's efficacy at silencing traitors did not go unnoticed by the administration, and by 1952, he was a high-ranking party member and close confidant of MacArthur's.

After the president's death in 1959, Hoover made an arrangement with newly ascended President Butler to trade jobs after the 1960 election, which Hoover, as the Republican nominee, won handily. Throughout the 1960s, President Hoover pushed an increasingly authoritarian, anti-black, anti-Japanese, and anticommunist system, leading, ultimately, to the overthrowing of his administration in the early 1970s, the culmination of which was Black Tuesday on May 2, 1972, when he and several other high-ranking party members were killed.

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