John Herron (born October 21, 1964) is the junior U.S. Senator for Aroostook, serving since 2007. A Nationalist, he also served as the U.S. Representative for Aroostook's 2nd District from 1997 until 2003. He was a failed candidate for Governor of Aroostook in 2002, losing to then-1st District Rep. Jeff Benson in a tightly-fought election. Herron, a moderate, is regarded as a protege of senior Aroostook Senator William Cohen, who held the 2nd District before him.

Herron's defeat of sitting Senator Cynthia Chevrier in 2006 coincided with an election in which Aroostook Nationalists also knocked out Governor Jeff Benson, Dean of the U.S. House John Dubois, captured every statewide office in Aroostook and took control of both houses of the state legislature and nearly took the state's other two U.S. House Districts.

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