John Forrest
9th President of Australia
In office:

January 26, 1915 - September 2, 1918

Preceded by: Edmund Barton
Succeeded by: None (Office next held by Joseph Cook)
Treasurer of Australia
In office:

1906 - 1910

Preceded by: Chris Watson
Succeeded by: Andrew Fisher
Premier of Western Australia
In office:

1890 - 1901

Preceded by: Unknown
Succeeded by: Unknown

August 22 1847, Bunbury, Western Australia

Died September 3 1918, Sydney, New South Wales
Nationality: Australia
Political party:





Margaret Elvire Hamersley

Children: None
Alma mater:


Occupation: Politician, Businessman
Religion: Anglicanism

John Forrest was an Australian politician who served as President from 1915 - 1918. He was the first Australian President to die in office.

The crisis of 1914 brought down the labor government of Andrew Fisher. Forrest, although not leader of the opposition, was a senior figure in the Commonwealth Liberal party, and saw himself as a wartime leader. He attempted to persuade President Barton to give him a comission to form a government, however Barton refused and asked Billy Hughes to form a unity government.

In an attempt to appease Forrest, Billy Hughes offered to make him Federal President. Forrest accepted on the condition that he could expect two terms in office.

He served as President for most of the first world war, and maintained a good relationship with Prime Minister Billy Hughes.

Forrest died in September 1918, and was accorded a state funeral. Until January 1920, the federal presidency was to remain vacant, as according to the constitution of the time.

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