JFK would enter the Annals of history a the USA's youngest President so far.

His baptism of fire would take place during the First Latin American War (Kornilovshina), which dominates his first term.

Thanks to US pressure, the war ended in 1960 with the Bogota Accords. This also secured re-election against Richard Nixon by a wide margin.

His Second term was dominated by Occupied Mexico. A terrorist movement called the Ejercico Liberacion de Aztlan was very active during this time. One of their terrorists, Juan Cuadaron attempted to assassinate him in Dallas while JFK was there. A young off-duty US Marine called Vicente Fox famously managed to wrest the rifle from Cuadaron in time for the FBI to arrive. This inspired JFK to initiate a clampdown on the terrorists. The FLQ in Occupied Canada were also wreaking Havoc during JFK's time in the white house.

On "Black October", the ELA was suffering major crackdowns throughtout their powerbase on the Occupied West Coast. This success led JFK to win by a landslide against his challenger Nelson Rockefeller.

His third and Final term was dominated by space. In his "reach for the stars speech", Kennedy famously signed a treaty with the Old Entente to co-operate on a space programme, which bore fruit in 1967 with 4 men on the moon.

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